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Timberland Flagship London Store
From component distribution to lighting the tunnels of Whitehall: How one of the UK’s leading lighting solutions companies was born.
Signify’s LED lighting helps The Kingfish Company to accelerate eco-friendly fish growth
The Silverstone Experience Cuts No Corners With its Impressive Interactive Exhibitions
Lighting and the Circular Economy Announcing Recolight’s webinar series for 2021
Institution of Lighting Professionals launches latest online course – Understanding Obtrusive Light: Application of Guidance Note 01 (GN01).
The Spazio hood for the Age-Old Kilmartin Castle in Scotland
Medical Device Expert Backs Lightico’s Pioneering Virus Killing Luminaires
Xicato – Enhancing the Lighting Experience at the Gruuthuse Museum
Recolight sets ambitious goal to be carbon neutral by 2030
Xicato Announces Partnership with Leading Lighting Sales Agency in Western Asia
Recolight announce record new member growth for WEEE compliance
The Diesel Living with Lodes line makes its debut to mark the global exclusive collaboration between DIESEL and LODES
Pharos Goes All-in with World’s Largest Pillarless Ballroom on the Las Vegas strip
Liberty Living, Sir Charles Groves Hall
“A.C. Sister Companies” Support MBSE Global Technical Teams With Major Luminex Delivery
More Chroma-Q Color Force IIs Take to The Stage at Östgötateatern
Prime Light become UK distributor for innovative Merrytek Sensors
East Manchester Youth Zone
Esther Newton promoted to UK Sales Director, strengthening management team at DW Windsor
Xicato announces unprecedented 10-year warranty on lumen and colour
Rochdale Borough Council, Number One Riverside
Great Interpretation of Lighting in Porsche Center Taipei
Signify and Honeywell team up to deploy integrated lighting solutions to improve occupant experience
Xicato Announces Partnership with Leading Sales Agency in Nebraska & Western Iowa
Smarter lighting, better driving: Gran Canaria installs Signify’s Interact City on main highway
Gong Go From Strength to Strength
Intelligent lighting for maximum flexibility
The welcoming mood created by Catellani & Smith lights for Casa dei Gatti
Using light to fight viruses – Osram presents its first UV-C LEDs
Sylvania launches new generation of Sylsmart connected building
Telensa reinforces its market leading position in Central Europe by delivering over 20 smart streetlighting deployments in Poland & Czech Republic
McCann illuminating Birmingham’s Westside Metro extension
Prime Light become the UK partners for California-based lighting giant, Xicato
The sky is not the limit: Signify provides Dutch installer Van Rennes the benefits of natural light indoors
Eos Join Made in Britain
Taiwan’s National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) brings Ayrton Khamsin-S to Turandot revival
Astro unveil AW20 collection featuring captivating design icons
Concord by Sylvania joins the Made in Britain community
Signify’s latest solar lighting innovations boost energy efficiency and safety on Leipsoi Island in Greece
LEDVANCE launches OSRAM lamps for all occasions
Xicato Announces Partnership with Leading Distribution Agency in the United Kingdom supports Backup with new gobo releases
White Light Supplies GH Boy at Charing Cross Theatre
A.C. Special Projects shed some light on Bodmin Jail’s dark past
Prime Light continue to shine by announcing two new board members