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Tina Taylor from Tridonic picked up the award on behalf of the team at Spennymoor


Members of the team from Tridonic’s Spennymoor Manufacturing and R&D Facility have picked up a regional award for its dedication and commitment to educating the next generation, through a range of STEM-based initiatives.

Working with the local schools, colleges and the Northeast Institute of Technology, Tridonic has launched an extensive programme of learning opportunities that include apprenticeships, T-levels and NVQ Level 2 qualifications, and exposure to STEM in action, for younger students.

The award recognises the number of hours spent by Tridonic’s six STEM ambassadors – who work across different departments from within the business – who actively participate in school visits; host factory tours and assist in the education and training of students on a range of qualifications.

Over 3,000 children and young people have been engaged through the scheme, from school talks to completion of one of a host of qualifications. The successful programme has resulted in two students being offered permanent employment at Tridonic.

Ben Kennard, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager at Spennymoor, enrolled Tridonic onto the programme. He said: “This award is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication from our six STEM ambassadors, who are members of the team from different departments within the site, who take time out of their working week to help educate young people and encourage them to examine a career in this field.

“Getting involved with the programme was my way of giving something back to the next generation, while ensuring a pipeline of talent for future generations – something that is under constant threat in our sector.

“The award is a great reflection on the team’s hard work and we are looking forward to growing our programme by recruiting more ambassadors to help engage with and enthuse more young people through our technologies and expertise – and ultimately – offer more employment opportunities to students across the Northeast.”

Dawn Ross, STEM Hub Liaison Coordinator at RTC North, said: “We are delighted to give Tridonic this award for the ‘largest number of active STEM Ambassadors from a North East SME’ Since they first registered they have shown such commitment to the programme. It’s a testament to the dedication and expertise of their team.”

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CU Phosco Lighting achieves an outstanding 2.9 TM66 score for the P86x range, positioning it as industry leader in circularity

CU Phosco Lighting, a leading innovator in outdoor lighting solutions, is proud to announce that its P86x range, encompassing the P860, P861, P862, and P863 product lines, has achieved an exceptional 2.9 TM66 score, solidifying the company’s position as a pioneer in circular economy practices within the industry.

One of the highest scores, awarded by the LIA/CIBSE circular economy certification scheme (certification scheme TSD-012 TM66 Assured Product Verification Scheme), the achievement underscores CU Phosco Lighting’s commitment to sustainable design and manufacturing processes.

Commenting on this achievement, Matt Murray, Sales & Marketing Director at CU Phosco Lighting, stated, “We are thrilled to receive a TM66 2.9 score for our P86x range. Only manufacturers who successfully complete all stages of the LIA/CIBSE circular economy certification scheme process are entitled to use the TM66 Assured Product Verification Scheme mark, and we will be displaying ours proudly. This accomplishment reflects our unwavering dedication to circular economy principles, and we believe it positions us as the best in the industry as far as circularity is concerned.”

The P86x range, comprising the award-winning P860, P861, P862, and P863 luminaires, has been designed with a focus on optimal optical performance, thermal management, compatibility, and serviceability. 100% recyclable, the range is easy to upgrade and dismantle at the end of life. These products cater to the most demanding lighting requirements, offering efficiency, versatility, and future-proofing for an optimised investment.

At CU Phosco Lighting, circularity is at the core of their business strategy and features heavily in 2024 plans. The company consistently evaluates its products for circular economy performance, ensuring accessibility for maintenance, modularity, upgradeability, and the use of recyclable or reusable materials.

A TM66 score between 2.5 and 4 indicates excellent circularity, placing CU Phosco’s P86x range at the forefront of sustainable lighting solutions.

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Ansell Lighting Unveils Uniquely Versatile Linear Luminaire

  • ZLED Linear Opti-X delivers on adaptability and sustainability

Unrivalled functionality and versatility are the hallmarks of Ansell Lighting’s new ZLED Linear Opti-X high and low bay light.

Two switches enable output to be changed between 100W, 150W and 200W and the beam to be angled between four options – 35°x85°, 95°x115°, 65°x110° and 50°x100°.

This means if there are any changes to the racking layout, or to the use of the area being lit, the lighting can be adjusted simply by altering the beam or wattage, without having to make any modifications to the fitting itself.

Octo compatible, 0/1-10V dimmable as standard, and with an optional energy-saving motion sensor, the ZLED Linear Opti-X is ideal for all industrial applications, including warehouses, sorting areas and production facilities.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “Because the ZLED Linear Opti-X can meet multiple lighting needs via an extremely simple adjustment, it is perfect for settings such as rented warehouses, where diverse users have individual lighting needs requiring different rack heights, beam angles and lighting outputs.

“Being able to adjust the lighting to meet diverse lighting needs, without replacing the entire fitting, also makes it a highly sustainable option which supports the circular economy. It really is unique on the market as an energy and cost efficient all-in-one solution.”

Delivering 140lm/w, the IP65 rated ZLED Linear Opti-X has a robust die-cast aluminium construction, delivering enhanced thermal protection to optimise the LED lifespan. It comes with a five-year warranty. A 1.5m suspension kit comes as standard and surface mounting is possible with an AZPLLED/LC accessory.

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DW Windsor announces new range of solar lighting solutions

Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor has unveiled a range of sustainable solar lighting solutions designed to support a variety of lighting applications, including car parks, footpaths, cycleways and parks.

The new range includes several off-grid lighting options, from standalone solar bollards and solar lanterns with integrated panels to modular solar systems compatible with the manufacturer’s existing luminaire range.

With no need for cabling or connection to the grid, the solar-powered solutions can deliver illumination wherever it’s needed. This makes them ideally suited to remote areas with no access to power or anywhere that cable trenching would be financially prohibitive or overly disruptive – such as conservation areas or places of special environmental interest.

The launch comes at a time when local authorities and businesses are under increased pressure to reduce their carbon footprint while also facing rising energy prices. With zero emissions and no ongoing electricity costs, solar lighting offers a commercially feasible alternative to traditional mains-powered lighting.

DW Windsor’s solar lighting range has been developed using the latest solar technologies and the highest quality materials and components to ensure exceptional product quality and performance standards.

Monocrystalline photovoltaic panels and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are used across all products to deliver greater panel efficiency and increased longevity. Advanced lighting controllers are also fitted to optimise battery life, while motion sensors help manage light levels, providing consistent illumination during hours of darkness. The release also comes after a period of extensive testing to ensure suitability for the UK climate.

Mitch Waite, Senior Product Manager at DW Windsor, said: “Our new solar-powered lighting range perfectly complements our existing luminaire portfolio, helping to bolster our offering of energy-efficient lighting products. Solar is a great solution for off-grid applications without access to power or for organisations looking to reduce their annual electrical bills and cut carbon emissions.”

Esther Newton, Sales Director at DW Windsor, added: “At DW Windsor, we take a holistic approach to solar lighting projects. Our experienced team is on hand to support customers throughout the product specification and lighting design phase of any scheme to determine if solar is the right solution for your project needs.”

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Rako Illuminates ISE 2024

Rako, Britain’s leading smart lighting control company, will be showcasing its latest technology for improved control, ease of integration and flexibility at Integrated Systems Europe 2024 (Stand 2K220, Fira Barcelona, 30th January-2nd February 2024).

Rako will be highlighting its latest innovation in LED dimmer technology, with the RLED30CV4+. This new wireless, constant voltage adjustment LED dimmer offers RGBW and tuneable white control, all conveniently managed on one channel. The single channel control capability will significantly simplify installation and the way the lighting control is set-up for lighting designers, specifiers, and installers as the outputs can be configured as either RGB, RGBW or Tunable White via Rasoft Pro.

Also being demonstrated is Rako’s integration with Bodhi – Bodhi is an advanced guest room management system allowing hotels to have complete building management. Rako have partnered with Bodhi to allow for scene controls of lighting and guest service selection feedback for front-of-house use, achieved through both the Bodhi dashboard interface and the Rako app. This integration can enable hotels to automatically trigger welcome scenes; including lighting scenes, temperature, and background music.

“It is great to be back at ISE 2024, for its special 20-year celebration, sharing our latest developments in dimming technology.” Comments Paul Wafer, Director at Rako.  “Tunable lighting isn’t just a trend—it’s a transformative avenue for integrators and homeowners seeking enhanced well-being. We take pride in delivering solutions that simplify the lives of specifiers, lighting designers and installers. Our Rako system supports integrators as they deliver reliable and sleek lighting solutions that resonate with their customers’ desires for quality and comfort. Visit our stand to find out more.”

The company will be demonstrating its stylish range of EOS and Modular keypads in a selection of eye-catching finishes, including the EOS Portrait keypad, winner in the Best Lighting Control category at the recent Smart Building Awards. The elegant, vertical design of the EOS Portrait keypad creates a clean and uncluttered aesthetic with six push buttons recessed into each keypad. The keypad offers a reassuring and tactile interface, that would complement any interior.

Both the Modular and EOS keypad ranges are available in seven premium finishes to suit contemporary or traditional interiors. They can also be matched with Heritage Brass electrical accessories as well as cabinet and door hardware. Installers will be able to see how the keypads and accessories complement each other seamlessly on the Rako stand at ISE 2024.

In addition to showcasing its exceptional product lineup, Rako Controls is excited to announce the launch of its new RIBA certified CPD titled “Mastering Lighting Control: A Specifier’s Guide.” This educational initiative underscores Rako’s commitment to providing valuable insights to industry professionals, empowering them to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of lighting control.

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LDI brings luxury feel to Harrods Lingerie Boutique

The Lingerie Boutique is the newest womenswear department of the high-end department store Harrods. Unveiled on the retailer’s first floor, the dedicated space showcases a range of flattering loungewear and lingerie sets from much-loved brands such as Skims and La Perla. The department also offers a range of unique services alongside capsule collections designed exclusively for Harrods.

To ensure the clothes can be fully appreciated, a considered lighting scheme was required. Award-winning independent lighting design consultants Lighting Design International (LDI) were commissioned for the project. Having worked with Harrods on a number of previous lighting projects, the team had demonstrated their ability to deliver for the renowned British retailer.

The new department is housed in an area of the store that features historic decorative ceilings. As a listed part of the building, the ceiling could not be disturbed or altered. To overcome this, LDI developed a bespoke suspended track solution. This allows flexible spotlighting onto different sections where brands are grouped together.

Additional spots deliver uplighting, illuminating key parts of the intricate ceiling so the architecture can be enjoyed.

Upon entry to the department, a mannequin stands atop a plinth that is backlit by a warm halo of light. This provides depth and acts as an introduction to the warm soft ambience of the space. Around the perimeter, integral lighting has been added through the use of fluted bulkheads. This offers indirect ambient light to the space while showcasing the architecture and providing a consistent illuminated signage band for branding.

Elsewhere across the boutique, integral lighting has been introduced by LDI into the signage on the hanging rails, and around the bases of the perimeter hanging fixtures. This adds a layer of depth and interest to the lighting scheme. The column cladding is now also illuminated with integral lighting, providing further feature lighting to the column VM displays.

Lighting Design International has used ambient lighting to great effect, choosing indirect light in a 2400K. The extra warm white colour temperature creates a soft, flattering and welcoming environment. This warmer light has been continued through to the signage as this is an important part of the feel of the space. Softer-lit signage reduces any harshness or brashness, making it more integrated into the department.

The space has a background level of warm, indirect lighting punctuated for contrast on the products by well-focussed spotlighting. LDI has taken great care to ensure a minimal amount of direct illumination onto the floor, which would break the softness and fluid nature of the lighting.

All of the retail lighting is high colour rendering, with a temperature of 2700K. This has produced a residential or hospitality feel, while also ensuring fabric colours are vibrant and true in colour representation – something that is very important to give shoppers a real feel for the items they are buying.

The track-mounted luminaires were selected with sustainability in mind, with excellent circularity and embodied carbon investigated through the TM65 and TM66 calculations.

All of the luminaires were sampled by Lighting Design International, to ensure they delivered a balance of effect and tone. The result needed to be a luxurious, relaxing warm lighting effect with balanced colour hues – which has undoubtedly been achieved.

Graham Rollins, Creative Director at Lighting Design International said “It was a tremendous pleasure to collaborate once more with Harrods on yet another sensational department to their renowned store. Illuminating the lingerie boutique presented a unique challenge, given the historical ceilings, but the outcome is truly breathtaking. The warm lighting creates a relaxed ambience, inviting shoppers to unwind rather than feeling like they’re in a typical retail environment. We are pleased with the results and look forward to collaborating with Harrods again in the future.”

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DW Windsor launches Light Responsibly® initiative to help combat light pollution, reduce waste and protect biodiversity

HODDESDON, UK,  December 2023 – Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor has unveiled its ‘Light Responsibly’ initiative to support and promote responsible lighting practices.

Announced at the LiGHT 23 Expo in London, the new initiative aims to provide lighting specifiers with the tools and guidance needed to eliminate light pollution, conserve energy, cut waste and help protect biodiversity. It consolidates several long-standing principles the British luminaire manufacturer upholds and underlines its commitment to delivering sustainable lighting solutions.

The initiative outlines five key areas where DW Windsor can assist lighting professionals, helping to educate key stakeholders and support considered lighting designs. It includes the adoption of precise optics and light shields, warmer colour temperatures, adaptive lighting controls, highly efficient LEDs, and the embracing of circular economy principles.

DW Windsor addresses these crucial areas through its product design, innovative technologies, advanced manufacturing processes and local supply chain. For example, several DW Windsor luminaires are now DarkSky Approved, meaning they don’t pollute the night sky.

Alan Grant, Design and Development Director at DW Windsor, explains: “Lighting has a significant impact on our lives and the functions of our urban spaces. When carried out responsibly, in line with best practices, good lighting can enhance the built environment while providing social, environmental, and economic benefits.”

Demonstrating how the initiative integrates more broadly across the industry, DW Windsor’s Light Responsibly strategy aligns with principles set out in the Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night (ROLAN) Manifesto.

Mitch Waite, Senior Product Manager, added: “Light is an essential part of our urban environment, whether ensuring safety and security or supporting the night-time economy. By controlling light effectively, eliminating wasted energy and ensuring light levels and colour temperatures are appropriate, we can improve the well-being of people, protect wildlife and reduce environmental impact. At DW Windsor, we are committed to tackling the challenges we currently face and helping our customers to Light Responsibly.”

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Studio Lumen Illuminates the Path to Excellence as Shortlist Finalists at the Light Middle East Awards

Studio Lumen, a powerhouse in the realm of lighting design, proudly announces its selection as shortlist finalists in the prestigious Light Middle East Awards. This noteworthy recognition is a testament to Studio Lumen’s outstanding contributions to the industry and specifically acknowledges three standout projects: “7 Tales,” “Chic Nonna,” and “City Social,” all of which have been nominated in the highly competitive Project of the Year category.

Distinguished for their groundbreaking approach to lighting design, Studio Lumen’s projects have consistently transcended conventional boundaries, blending artistry with precision. “7 Tales,” a project that seamlessly intertwines narrative elements with contemporary design, stands as a true embodiment of Studio Lumen’s commitment to providing immersive experiences through light.

“Chic Nonna,” another jewel in Studio Lumen’s crown, showcases the studio’s ability to turn design concepts into reality, creating a visual symphony that not only elevates the aesthetics of a space but also enhances its functionality through thoughtfully crafted lighting elements.

In the celebrated world of luxury design, “City Social” emerges as a beacon of Studio Lumen’s expertise in lighting techniques within interior architecture, with the finished results curating settings that evoke emotion and visually appealing spaces.

The Light Middle East Awards, renowned for recognising excellence in lighting design, have become a benchmark for industry achievements. Studio Lumen is honoured to be shortlisted in the Project of the Year category, a testament to the studio’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in every project.

Studio Lumen extends heartfelt gratitude to the Light Middle East Awards committee for this prestigious recognition. The studio eagerly anticipates the awards ceremony, where winners will be announced and industry luminaries will gather to celebrate the finest achievements in lighting design.

Siddharth Mathur, Founding Partner at Studio Lumen, expresses his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to be recognised as finalists in the Light Middle East Awards. This acknowledgement is a testament to the hard work, creativity, and dedication of our team. All three projects allowed us to explore different and new possibilities in lighting design by pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the realm of interior spaces.”

As a beacon of inspiration and innovation, Studio Lumen remains steadfast in its dedication to illuminating the world with visionary creations while continuing its legacy of excellence, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the dynamic world of lighting design.


Project Credits: 7 Tales

Lighting Design – Studio Lumen

Interior Design – LW

Photography Credits – Neil Corder / Natelee Cocks


Project Credits: Chic Nonna

Lighting Design – Studio Lumen

Interior Design – ID Design Team

Photography Credits – Natelee Cocks


Project Credits: City Social

Lighting Design – Studio Lumen

Interior Design – ID Design Team

Photography Credits – Neil Corder / Natelee Cocks


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LD Studio Shares Lighting Design Insights of Famous Copacabana Palace Hotel With Tryka

LD Studio were recently commissioned to create the façade lighting for the famed and much-loved Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Tryka was the sole manufacturer specified for the project, providing an array of solutions. Here, the lead architect for the project, renowned architect Monica Luz Lobo, shares her story with Tryka.

Tell us a bit about yourself and where it all began…

Following my degree in Architecture and Urbanism, I started my career as a lighting designer at a practice in São Paulo. In 1997, I founded LD Studio, performing as an independent Lighting Designer; responsible for architectural lighting projects with a wide range of sectors, including cultural, commercial, public and private.

I am a founding member of the Brazilian Association of Lighting Architects (As-BAI) and a professional member of the IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers). I was elected to the IALD Board of Directors in 2017/2018.

I’m also a member of the international committee of EILD (Ibero American Meeting of Lighting Designers), and in December 2017, became the 1st Certified Lighting Designer in South America.

I love participating in national and international fairs and workshops, it is a great opportunity to learn and share knowledge.

How did you become involved in the project?

LD Studio has been a longstanding lighting partner of the hotel, dating back to the year 2000. We have kept the relationship strong even with several changes in hotel ownership, and we are very proud of the partnership we have developed with the hotel.

When the current owner decided to recreate the façade lighting as part of the hotel’s centenary celebrations, LD Studio was the only consideration to deliver this exhilarating and landmark project.

What were some of the elements of the brief that excited you as a designer?

Everyone who comes to Rio, as either a Brazilian or an international traveller, knows that the Copacabana Palace Hotel is a must-see location. To be part of a team that has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the hotel is still relevant and young but remains true to its history and iconic status is an incredibly exciting journey.

What challenges did the brief involve and how did you resolve these?

The main constraint was the short deadline that we had to work within. For such a large-scale project, having just over 12 months from start to finish meant we had to work quickly and fluidly. We would usually work within a set process that moves from analysis to concept and composition, then technical drawings, before site tests and more. But to ensure we met the deadline, we had to work in a non-linear way.

One of the key ways we could achieve our goal was to work with partners who understood this challenge and were ready to meet it head-on with us. The outcome and the fact we met the deadline shows what can be achieved when everyone shares the same passion and works together harmoniously.

Talk us through some of the key lighting principles involved in your answer to the brief.

It was important to find the balance of showcasing the Copacabana Palace Hotel in all its beauty while respecting its history and importance on the much-loved Rio beachfront. The hotel is an absolute icon; everyone who passes by recognises it, and the city is so proud of its presence.

The project has been carefully designed so that the building can be appreciated as much at night as it can be in the day. The lighting highlights details and special elements of the building, revealing them with softness and elegance. By using the best technologies, combined together in a considered design, we have been able to show the hotel’s real soul.

Why did you choose to specify Tryka’s products to fulfil the vision? Which products did you specify and what were their applications?

It was important that we worked with a manufacturer who was as passionate about the project as we are. We also wanted to find a partner whom we could secure all the required lighting solutions from as this enabled us to build a meaningful relationship with a sole supplier.

The illumination of the façade has been delivered using a combination of Tryka’s Stripline45, Stripline AG, Aura 5, Aura 7 and Continuity T. Custom glare shields were designed by Tryka for the Stripline and Aura solutions, and these have been finished in a custom RAL. The fixtures match the shade of the refreshed façade, and this approach has allowed us to ensure the light is seen, not the source.

Another key deciding factor for collaborating with Tryka was their ability to provide a wide variety of luminaires that are RGB+27K. This was a vital part of the specification, and Tryka was the only manufacturer that could provide the 2700K needed for the white channel in conjunction with the required RGB outputs.

What were your inspirations for your chosen design?

We wanted to deliver a design that stayed true to the heart of the hotel and its original architecture but added a touch of disruption that reveals an innovative soul. The lighting is all about communicating with visitors, whether that is through the illumination of the details of the building, or aligning the colours and themes with national and international events, the hotel is now firmly an important part of the beating pulse of Rio.

The dynamic lighting has been achieved through the installation of a control system that allows the façade to be lit in different colours. From important dates such as Pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness, to international celebrations including Christmas and New Year, the façade of the Copacabana Palace Hotel can connect with individuals and the wider world, by delivering positive messages.

Are there any elements of the design that you are most proud of?

That light could bring soul to what it touches and be a source of communication.

If you could summarise this project in one sentence, what would it be?

Through this project, we have ensured the Copacabana Palace Hotel is modern and fresh while remaining a celebration of its historic significance, showcasing its soul and speaking to every one of us.


Who were the other key partners on the project who helped bring it to life and how did you collaborate to get the job done?

Paulo Pozzobon – Belmond´s Director of Engineering of the Americas, for his vision and confidence in our work


Tah Arquitetura – Project Manager

Taissa Thiry – Head Architect and Project Manager

Mariana Pinto – Architect

Vanessa Kronemberger – Architect, for their amazing coordination, support and restlessness to manage and make this project happen


Ivan Rezende Arquitetura

Ivan Rezende

Patricia Gouveia, for their partnership through all the processes and expertise to deliver an amazing and delicate façade renovation.



Baggio & Carvalho

Fernando Jarkzun

Juliana Bittencourt

Mateus Vargas – for their expertise, partnership, and resourcefulness to build all of that in such a limited time frame.


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Leading LED product designer and manufacturer, Forge is partnering with Lumileds, the global leader in innovative LED technology, to provide outdoor lighting solutions dedicated to preserving dark skies.

The partnership combines decades of experience and expertise with cutting-edge LED innovation, creating considerate product designs that help to combat the impact of light pollution on the planet.

The partnership sees the creation of turnkey solutions for professional lighting products, combining Lumileds’ LUXEON NightScape technology with Forge’s rapid product realisation capabilities.

Environmental Context

The disruptive effects of blue light from LEDs on human melatonin levels and sleep regulation are well documented, but as the world comes to a greater understanding of the devastating effects of this blue component on nocturnal wildlife, legislation has been implemented to seed real change.

In the UK the ILP’s GN08/23 gives comprehensive guidance on mitigation steps to help preserve bat populations and in Hawaii, Bill 21 Maui Ordinance restricts blue light content in new exterior lighting installations to under 2%.

The regulatory shifts being made have placed the onus on manufacturers to limit blue wavelength emissions and tackle light pollution head-on.

The British Astronomical Association’s Commission for Dark Skies suggests that 90% of the UK population has no access to the starscape above, due to light pollution, or “skyglow”.

Lumileds’ LUXEON NightScape technology provides a unique spectral distribution that delivers high-quality white light at the highest flux while emitting less than 2% of blue light in the 400-500nm spectrum.

This allows for compliance with emerging regulations while maintaining desirable aesthetic and performance characteristics.

Forge Managing Director, David Scott-Maxwell, commented: “This technology is a revolutionary moment for outdoor lighting and its ability to support the nocturnal environment. NightScape is a world-class LED innovation and Forge can rapidly integrate it into lighting products. Our global experience in LED product manufacturing delivers finished components, assemblies or luminaries, wherever and whenever they are needed which means that we can drive forward the adoption of this important new technology around the world.”

Allan Horn, Director, EMEA Distribution for Lumileds, added: “Lumileds LUXEON NightScape technology and the partnership put us on the cusp of creating sustainable and compliant lighting solutions that will keep customers and end users ahead of the curve as regulation evolves. This truly is a powerful collaboration and sets a new standard for intelligent, sustainable exterior LED lighting.”