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Net Zero Lighting Conference: Companies must adopt a holistic approach

Achieving Net Zero for lighting must encompass everything from supply-chain sustainability and logistics, to customer engagement. This was one of the key messages to come from the Net Zero Lighting Conference in London last week.

The event was organised by The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) and Recolight. It brought together 120 delegates and speakers for a comprehensive review of the challenges around the decarbonisation of manufacture in the industry.

Lighting manufacturers Ledvance, Whitecroft, Stoane Lighting, and Knightsbridge, shared some of the strategies they have adopted to reduce carbon emissions.

‘What’s clear to me is that moving towards Net Zero and sustainability is not a tick-box exercise, but more about changing the culture of your organisation,” said conference chair, Ray Molony. “And when you change that culture, good things flow. For instance, staff, especially younger members of the team, become energised and engaged in a way few management initiatives can achieve.“

Ray added “A number of companies said that they gained enormously from beginning their sustainability journey. Far from being a burden, gathering and analysing data on their processes such as their energy use and their supply-chain, helped organisations identify waste and potential cost savings. In some cases, the savings were dramatic. “

Bob Bohannon, Head of Policy and Sustainability at The LIA, gave a comprehensive overview of the wide range of certification schemes that manufacturers can use to measure, set targets and give clear evidence on their actions towards net zero.  Bob said “Manufacturers need to choose the right one that best fits their company’s size and position on their sustainability journey, with particular consideration given to scope:  some schemes are focused on carbon emissions, others cover a wider range of environmental, sustainability and governance parameters, whilst others are full life cycle assessments of a product’s impacts.  What I would say is don’t wait, choose a scheme based on clarity and science and start your net zero journey as soon as possible.”

Nigel Harvey, Recolight CEO, said “It has been inspiring to hear of the work some lighting manufacturers are now undertaking as they start to decarbonise their operations. Nobody should underestimate the challenge this involves. But the commitment to make change was tangible, and the number of delegates confirming that they would implement changes as a result of the conference was very encouraging.”

Ayça Donaghy, LIA CEO, said “It’s evident that the journey towards sustainable lighting products and operations is both urgent and ongoing. Our discussions underscored that this isn’t merely about reducing emissions – it’s about reimagining how we operate across every aspect of our business. From enhancing our product designs with sustainability at the core to engaging deeply with our supply chains and customers, every step we take is critical to achieving our goals. As we continue to set transparent, science-based targets and improve our practices, the commitment from every stakeholder across the industry will be essential for turning these ambitions into reality.”

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William Sugg & Co Heritage Lighting to feature at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Classic designs by heritage lighting specialists William Sugg & Co will be showcased at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which takes place from 21st – 25th May 2024. The world-renowned gardens at the show represent the pinnacle of horticultural excellence with showstopping designs, innovative materials and glorious planting.

Grosvenor Lantern Commission

Leading landscape architect Robert Myers has designed show garden St James’s Piccadilly: Imagine the World to be Different. The garden is being built by Stewart Landscape Construction who commissioned William Sugg & Co to produce a bespoke heritage lantern as part of the prestigious project.

The design of the show garden pays homage to the ‘revitalising influence of urban green spaces, symbolising a message of hope and recovery while igniting the imagination of future generations to envision a different world’. Visitors will enter through an archway reminiscent of the gateways leading to the churchyard at St James’s Piccadilly, where they will step into a contemplative haven, featuring a lush, biodiverse planting scheme.

William Sugg & Co’s brief was to produce a lantern, inspired by St James’s church in Piccadilly, that would be installed underneath the archway at the entrance of the garden. With a long history of designing and manufacturing gas lanterns, William Sugg & Co was well placed to take on this unique project having designed and manufactured heritage street lanterns along London streets, in the Royal Parks and on prestigious buildings worldwide for almost two centuries.

Research revealed that the existing lanterns around St James’s Piccadilly are original William Sugg & Co Grosvenor lanterns with working gas mantles, so their classic design was the ideal starting point for the project.  The traditional Grosvenor lantern design is handcrafted in copper and retains the Victorian heritage styling of the original. The Grosvenor has individual radiused glass panel glazing with a hinged glazed door. These lanterns are usually mounted as standard on galvanised open frogs which are powder coated. The manufacturing process of the Grosvenor is such that it is highly durable, with stainless steel rods to improve structural integrity. For this installation the Grosvenor is hung from the centre of the archway via a powder coated steel drop-rod.

This eye-catching lantern, with stunning details, is a truly classic design well suited to a range of urban and rural environments. The highly decorative frieze is a striking feature that makes the Grosvenor lantern truly unique.

Lucy Bubb, Managing Director of Wiliam Sugg & Co explains:

To compliment Robert Myers’s inspiring scheme and to give authenticity to the piece, our bespoke design features a small Grosvenor fitting, illuminated using our electric mock mantle which has been designed to emulate our original gas mantles in terms of design, scale, output and colour temperature. We were delighted to be asked to work on this project which honours our long heritage of creating the original St James’s lanterns in Piccadilly.”

The William Sugg & Co Grosvenor lantern designed for this unique project has been carefully hand crafted in their workshop in Horsham, West Sussex using traditional techniques.  It is made out of copper and then powder coated in a soft brown grey colour to compliment the earthy, natural colour scheme of the exceptional garden design.

Claverton Cloches Collaboration

Claverton Cloches make exquisite garden cloches, based on those found in Victorian kitchen gardens. These miniature glasshouses combine both period charm and practicality and for the first time, the brand will have a stand at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. William Sugg and Co have collaborated with the brand to supply 2 beautiful, heritage gas-powered lanterns, which can be viewed on their stand PW224 and will complement the Victorian inspired kitchen garden aesthetic.

The lanterns featured are Victoria Gas Back lanterns with a single open flame burner, powder coated in a striking bronze finish, in keeping with the traditional heritage design. William Sugg & Co’s Victoria Back lamp design originated over 100 years ago and were designed to light the narrow passageways of Victorian London. The authentic, passage lantern, incorporates a separately mounted back-plate on which the lantern body is fitted and handcrafted in copper to ensure durability.

Beth Gregg, owner and founder of Claverton Cloches comments; “With their rich heritage and outstanding craftsmanship which reflects our own traditional Victorian designs, William Sugg & Co was the perfect partner to collaborate with on this project. I can’t wait to see the final designs featuring on our stand at Chelsea.”

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DW Windsor launches DarkSky® Approved heritage lanterns

Outdoor lighting specialist unveils Dark Sky versions of its flagship traditional luminaires to help combat light pollution 

HODDESDON, UK, 20th May 2024 – Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor has released DarkSky Approved versions of its most popular heritage luminaires, expanding its Dark Sky Lighting range to support its Light Responsibly® initiative.

The launch includes Dark Sky versions of their Windsor, Strand, and Ely lanterns and marks the first time traditional British heritage-style luminaires have been certified by the International Dark-Sky Association (DarkSky), a globally recognised authority on light pollution.

These new products demonstrate the British manufacturer’s commitment to tackling light pollution as part of its Light Responsibly initiative, launched in 2023 to promote responsible lighting practices.

The announcement comes at a time when more than 80% of the world’s population is impacted by some form of light pollution, which arises from the excessive or poor use of artificial outdoor light at night. If left unchecked, it’s estimated that global sky brightness will continue to rise by 9.6% per year.

The DarkSky Approved program offers impartial, third-party validation for lighting products. To be formally certified as DarkSky Approved, luminaires must demonstrate that they have an upward light output ratio (ULOR) of less than 0.5% or 50 lumens, have a maximum correlated colour temperature (CCT) of 3000K, and have the ability to dim down to 10% of their maximum light output.

By receiving this certification, the luminaires have shown that they minimise glare, combat light trespass and help protect the night sky.

“At DW Windsor, we are passionate about designing lighting for places, people and our planet,” said Alan Grant, Design & Development Director at DW Windsor. “With the launch of these new DarkSky Approved products, we’re underlining our commitment to eliminate light pollution, protect biodiversity and help preserve the night-time environment.”

Windsor, Strand and Ely join a growing list of DW Windsor luminaires that are now DarkSky Approved, including its award-winning Garda illuminated handrail, distinctive Pharola DS bollard, and innovative post-top luminaire, Daytona.

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Bellevue Railcar Assembly Facility, Perth, Western Australia

A brand-new railcar assembly facility in Perth, Australia, has become a canvas for illuminated artwork with the installation of more than one kilometre of LED tube lighting and a dynamic lighting control system from Pharos Architectural Controls.

The assembly and commissioning plant in Bellevue, Perth, is part of the Western Australian Railcar Programme. The project will deliver 246 new railcars for the country’s METRONET as the existing trains are phased out of use. The main facility includes a 180m-long building with an assembly area, offices, workshops and storage space.

To add personality to the site and make it a more aesthetic part of the landscape, large-scale artwork has been commissioned to adorn the building. This has then been illuminated through architectural lighting and control experts Light Application, who specified several solutions from Pharos Architectural Controls to create the dynamic lighting effects.

The artwork by Sohan Ariel Hayes is entitled ‘Midnight Express’ and pays tribute to the return of rail manufacturing to the area. The lighting design element has been brought to life with a 100-universe Pharos Designer VLC (Video Lighting Controller) controlling more than 1000m of PureLED Addressable Silicone Flextube.

The Designer VLC is a highly capable architectural lighting control solution designed for large LED pixel arrays such as bridges and building facades, making it the ideal choice for the Bellevue Railcar Facility artwork project.

The system has been completed with five Pharos Designer EDN (Ethernet Data Node) remote devices, providing economical Ethernet-distributed DMX ports for large control projects, and ninety three Pharos Designer SDI (Serial Data Interface) accessories, providing a powerful solution for converting DMX data to a variety of serial protocols. At the Bellevue site, the SDIs have enabled the lighting control to be a complete end-to-end Pharos system directly controlling the SPI based RGBW LED pixel tubing.

Supporting the system is Pharos Cloud, which provides simple and secure remote lighting installation control and management, from any Internet-connected device, at any time, anywhere in the world.

The Pharos system has made it possible for the LED artwork to sweep and curve around the north-facing façade of the facility. Celebrating the rail industry, the dynamic effects encompass movement, transitions and colour changes.

Tony Symms, Regional Sales Manager for Asia Pacific at Pharos Architectural Controls said: “The artwork on the new railcar facility in Bellevue is spectacular. It has transformed what could be a nondescript building into an integral part of the local community, showcasing the opportunities the rail industry is bringing back into the area.

“The system from Pharos Architectural Controls offers everything that is needed to bring this project to fruition with direct control of the SPI based lighting. The complete control system benefits from the renowned Pharos reliability and support. The scale of the lighting effects shows the power of Pharos solutions and what can be achieved through our technology and creative programming.”

Project Credits:

Design, supply, installation and programming: Light Applications

Artist: Sohan Ariel Hayes

Lighting controls: Pharos Architectural Controls

Photography: Jess Wyld

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Lucent Lighting Illuminates Premium Residential Spaces, Springwell Gardens

Springwell Gardens is a unique residential project that combines bold contemporary architecture with fine interiors for progressive, premium living spaces in the city of Leeds. With 223 apartments available, residents can make the most of private roof terraces with skyline views, a residents-only garden, and private courtyards for a living environment that makes the most of interior and exterior spaces.

Interior Designers Studio Two Interiors have created beautiful modern spaces with sleek interiors, contemporary appliances, and fine furnishings and finishes. Elegant lighting solutions from Lucent Lighting were specified to enhance the interior and architectural features of the building.

Using Lucent’s range of sleek modern Edge90 downlights and TubeLED Micro spotlights, the fixtures blend seamlessly into the overall design of the communal spaces to provide optimal lighting effects without impacting on the minimalistic finish.

The lighting design contributes to the overall thoughtful architecture and comfortable interiors to create joyful places to live. By bringing these dynamic, contemporary spaces to life, this development marks a bold new sense of community for those in the south-west of Leeds. The unique, sail-like façade also creates a unique feature on the Leeds skyline, drawing the eye and inspiring a sense of place.

Project credits:
Client – Citylife holdings 4 ltd
Interior Designer – Studio Two Interiors

Products used:
EDGE90 custom RAL
ProSpex Pinhole Edge 90 Accent downlight
ProSpex TubeLED Micro Tubular Spotlight
Vista Mini Spotlight

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Glimpse of lighting at Bradford’s new Darley Street Market

Bradford has had a glimpse of how the new Darley Street Market will look when it’s lit up at night, as the new internal and external low energy LED lighting system was tested by installers.

Intelligent lighting control systems which are linked to the building management control system have been installed throughout the market, as well as feature lighting, which has been used both internally and externally on the project.

A key detail of the lighting scheme is the ability to control it using an intelligent scene setting feature, which means the lighting can be used for key occasions throughout the year or to highlight key dates.

All the lighting in the market uses the latest LED technology which is energy efficient and has a projected long life to reduce maintenance costs and disruption to traders.

The internal lights have two stages with 100% lighting levels for when the building is open to the public and a dimmed lower level of lighting when the building is being cleaned and prepared for trading. Lighting in areas not receiving natural light are also powered by surplus energy from the solar panels on the roof.

The building has also been designed to take advantage of as much natural light as possible. The roof has glazing sections which allows lots of natural light into the upper floors and atrium. Special glass is also used which allows natural light to flood in but also reduced glare from the sun and reflects heat to keep the building cool in the summer and warm in winter.

The new under-construction market will offer three floors of non-food, fresh food, and hot food and drink market stalls, kiosks and bars, as well as a stage, indoor screens, large outdoor screen, and umbrellas for hosting events on the market square.

Colin Wolstenholme, Markets Manager at Bradford Council, said: “The testing of the lighting system at the new market is the latest in the progress of this exciting development. Alongside our traders we’re looking forward to opening the market later this year.”

David Wilson, senior project manager at Kier Construction North & Scotland says: “I’m incredibly proud of the work our site teams have delivered on this project and I’m looking forward to seeing the market and the local area flourish once it is in operation.”

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CU Phosco Lighting’s New Partnership Extends Presence in Nepal

CU Phosco Lighting, the largest family-owned UK designer and manufacturer of exterior lighting, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with the Shekhar Group. This marks the second new partnership to be announced in as many months, and part of a wider plan to strengthen its international presence.

Founded in 1985, the Shekhar Group has a diverse portfolio across various sectors, including Aviation and Fire and Rescue. Like CU Phosco Lighting, Shekhar Group’s extensive experience includes full turnkey services including supply and installation.

With their widespread reach within Nepal, they make an ideal partner for CU Phosco Lighting’s expansion into the Nepalese market. With a commitment to excellence and a proven track record of success, Shekhar Group aligns perfectly with CU Phosco Lighting’s vision for growth and customer satisfaction.

Commenting on the collaboration, Chris Marques, Business Development Manager at CU Phosco Lighting, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to join forces with Shekhar Group as our agent partner in Nepal. Their deep-rooted presence and strong reputation in the Nepalese market are sure to complement our goal of providing innovative lighting solutions to customers across the region.”

Managing Director Skand Amatya, also commented on the partnership, saying, “For over 35 years, we have been devoted to providing our clients with high professional standard products from reputed manufacturers. We are thrilled to add CU Phosco Lighting to our portfolio”.

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Light Forms expands team with new Senior Sales Manager

High-performance lighting manufacturer, Light Forms, has recently expanded its team with the appointment of Darren Pitman as the Senior Sales Manager.

Darren will be bringing his extensive knowledge of the lighting sector, across a wide range of client areas such as lighting designers, specifiers and architects. He has developed this expertise having worked at a previous lighting manufacturer for nearly a decade across sales and field sales. As a mechanical engineer by trade, Darren has a working knowledge of lighting, electrics and the built environment which has undoubtedly supported him throughout his career.

He will also be drawing on his wide variety of skills including excellent presentation skills and project management, having worked across projects from design through to the delivery. From this, Darren is well-versed in full turn-key solutions for the lighting industry.

Darren joins a dynamic team at Light Forms, built on the ethos of collaboration, creativity and meticulous attention to detail. The team works hard to ensure that good lighting enriches the everyday experiences of the built environment, using light to make a space work better while inspiring those who use it.

Light Forms will be continuing to champion problem-solving, showcasing their technical expertise to solve challenges and push the boundaries of possibility. Light Forms’ luminaires are designed with creativity and made with precision, carefully developed to harmonise with surrounding architectures.

Speaking of his new role, Darren said: “Joining Light Forms has been wonderful; I’ve been made to feel part of the team from the outset and have had great support to settle in.

“I love how big the lighting industry is yet it is so close-knit. This gives us access to many brilliant career opportunities such as my new role at Light Forms. I’m already excited to be meeting clients and building new relationships and know that I will be happy at Light Forms for years to come.”

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Lucent Lighting Illuminate Luxury Dining at Six By Nico, Cardiff

Six By Nico, Cardiff

Six By Nico is a unique restaurant experience, and its first Wales destination in Cardiff is located on the high street in the heart of the city. Six By Nico offers a six-course tasting menu which changes every six weeks, each themed on a different place and idea. Their latest offering is inspired by the street food of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. To celebrate the vibrant flavours of the city and bustling culture, Six by Nico collaborated with talented and creative Vietnamese contributors to create the new menu.

Matching the dynamic menu, the interior of the restaurant is inspired by the original features of the space in keeping with Cardiff’s medieval and Victorian Gothic architecture, with vibrant modern additions. Interior Designers Studio Two Interiors created the striking interior design, specifying lighting solutions from Lucent Lighting’s extensive range.

The interiors are warm and inviting yet have a vibrant energy to lend to the excitement and buzz of Six By Nico’s ever-changing menu. Gothic features such as stained-glass screening, artwork and murals lend homage to the traditional aspects of the space and nearby Cardiff Castle. The new design concept that Studio Two have created for the brand offers a core DNA palette that adapts to every new location, pulling inspiration from locational cues to offer a different experience in every venue.

Lucent’s range of contemporary and adaptable features are used to draw the eye to the architectural features of the design. The Inground40 fittings are used to dramatically uplight the arches from below, while the Tube LED Nano spotlight illuminates the bold Roman columns. Ambient lighting for diners is introduced through recessed downlights above the tables, creating an intimate atmosphere. Excitement is brought to the bar area by mini tubular spotlights, highlighting the glasses and bottles on display.

The lighting is a key part of evolving the spaces to allow them to transition from day- time offerings to intimate evening settings. The design introduces individuality inspired by each location while ensuring a strong overall brand image that diners can come to expect from the Six By Nico experience.

Project credits:
Client – Six by Nico
Interior Designer – Studio Two Interiors

Project Manager: Giovanni Premi – Lucent Lighting

Photography – Studio Two Interiors

Products used:

EDGE 60 adjustable downlight

EDGE 90 accent downlight
ProSpex Tube LED mini high output tubular spotlight

InGround 40 uplight

Vista mini spotlight

ProSpex Tube LED Nano tubular spotlight