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Urban Control Urban Node 324 Becomes First Cellular NB-IoT and LTE-M Lighting Controller to Receive D4i Certification

Urban Control, the leading smart city solutions provider, today announced that its Urban Node 324 Cellular IoT LED streetlight luminaire controller has become the world’s first NB-IoT and LTE-M lighting controller to receive D4i certification from the DALI Alliance. D4i is an industry-wide standard that enables smart, connected luminaries.

By taking care of control and power requirements, D4i makes it easier to mount sensors and communication devices on luminaires. In addition, intelligent D4i LED drivers inside luminaires have the capability to store and report a wide range of luminaire, energy and diagnostics data in a standardised format.

Urban Node 324 Cellular controllers deliver all the benefits of smart city LED street lighting, including the ability to precisely control brightness and thus energy consumption and costs depending on actual local conditions; dynamically responding to sudden changes in pedestrian numbers or road traffic volumes; monitoring energy consumption in real-time; and identifying and even pre-empting faults and to be fixed of checked by maintenance crews – further reducing operating costs and unnecessary maintenance via environmentally-polluting, service-van inspections.

Smart D4i-certified luminaires and controllers are ideal platforms for the IoT, capable of gathering information from on-board sensors, and providing data for performance monitoring, asset management, predictive maintenance, and many other tasks. Communication and data exchange with an external network can take place via control devices with wireless communication capabilities.

“Interoperable, future-proof connected lighting provides a bedrock of common standards connectivity upon which smart city technologies can be built, realising a long-held ambition of cities and communities around the world,” said Miguel Lira, Innovation and Development Director at Urban Control. “We are delighted to receive D4i certification for our ground-breaking cellular lighting controller, which has already attracted attention from across the industry for its innovative Plug-and-Play capabilities and flexible deployment profile.”

“The D4i certification program enables smart city decision makers to combine the long-lasting nature of a city’s lighting infrastructure with the rapid changes in digital communication and sensor technology,” said Paul Drosihn, General Manager of the DALI Alliance. “Products such as Urban Control’s Node 324 Cellular represent a new breed of interoperable lighting controllers which are quick and easy to deploy and future-proofed from activation.”

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LEDFlex Group and Lichtvision Design shine a light on Hospitality Lighting

Premium lighting manufacturer, LEDFlex Group, and leading lighting design studio, Lichtvision Design, joined forces to host their first collaborative VIP event. Hosted at the prestigious Great Scotland Yard Hotel, guests were welcomed to an evening filled with workshops, canapes, drinks, and plenty of networking. The extravagant cocktail reception was sponsored by Atrium Lighting, Northern Lights and Zico Lighting. 

‘Hospitality Light Lounge – A VIP Lichtvision and LEDFlex event’ offered architects and interior designers the opportunity to understand more about hospitality lighting in an evening which inspired education, collaboration and creativity for a variety of people within the design industry. LEDFlex Group and Lichtvision wanted to share their years of hospitality knowledge through conversation, networking and informative workshop style talks. 

The talks presented by Laura Čižauskaitė from Lichtvision and Anthony Kerr from LEDFlex covered a range of topics ranging from the pitfalls of poor lighting applications to benefits of building relationships with professional lighting manufacturers and develop a better understanding of the importance of hospitality lighting when when it comes to curating the perfect ambience. 

One of the many highlights of the evening were the interactive pods that were custom made by LEDFlex Group, a standout feature in demonstrating the ways designers could achieve effective lighting in different luxurious environments through applications such as cove, wall grazing and so forth. Guests were able to interact with the pods and the mini environments that inhabited them, allowing for more stimulating experiences to be had. 

With over 40 renowned architects, interior designers and press, this truly was an event that not only raised awareness of light but also enlightened guests about the significance it plays in architecture and hospitality. This was a night to remember with innovative and inspiring talks and a venue illuminated to perfection. 

‘‘We are overwhelmed by the attendance and feedback from the Hospitality Light Lounge Event. The guests were fully engaged in an evening of workshops and networking honouring hospitality lighting. Not only did they come away feeling inspired but also enjoyed a fun filled evening.’’, Anthony Kerr, LEDFlex Group. 

Laura Cizauskaite, Lichtvision Design who is excited about hosting many more of such events said,“ I wanted to create a different concept for future events- an event where people can meet and network with different industries, entertain, learn and visit a new inspiring place. Put all that in one place- and you get a remarkable experience for everyone to remember”. 


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NEW! LED DISPLAY SOLUTIONS Now available with JPR Lighting

JPR Lighting is now offering direct view LED display solutions for indoor and outdoor environments no matter the area size. A full turnkey solution with full onsite installation by JPR Lighting!

After being involved on several large RGB video wall projects in 2021 and 2022 we are now offering this as a standard solution to compete against these AV companies. From 1.2mm Pitch through to 10mm pitch depending on HD quality and viewing distance.

Full system design once in contract.
Modules are made up of standard sizes 320mmx160mm and are pre-assembled onto various size frames for each project requirements.
From 300wpsm (P10mm) up to 1100wpsm (P1.25) in HD quality (1200cd/m2)
For more information or project quotations just let us know.

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LEDVANCE PR: Innovative industrial lighting solutions for demanding environments

The upgraded luminaires have long lifetimes for high cost-effectiveness in demand-based environments

Warrington, 15 June 2022 – LEDVANCE has extended its range of LED products for sophisticated industrial lighting solutions. The range of sensor luminaires, flex luminaires and compacts are designed with high IP ratings, easy installation fittings and long lifetimes for demanding applications where the quality of light is crucial not only for good production results but also for health and safety. They are suitable for damp environments and high ceilings of up to 12 metres, in areas including warehouses, supermarkets, logistics halls and underpasses.

The upgraded DAMP PROOF SENSOR luminaire allows for swift installation with simple 5-way wiring to establish a network of intelligent luminaires, based on the leader-follower or leader-leader principle. Toggle switches provide quick configuration of sensor detection areas, hold times and daylight threshold. The luminaire has an impressive efficiency of 139 lm/W and its IP65 protection makes it suitable for a range of environments including underpasses, garages and car parks.

The LOW BAY FLEX luminaire is designed to evenly illuminate areas with ceiling heights of between four and ten metres. It offers three different beam angles at 160 lm/W and provides easy installation with four mounting options, end caps and connections that are accessible without tools. The luminaire has a cost-effective lifetime of up to 100,000 hours and is equipped for complete through-wiring in both ON/OFF and DALI operation. Standard applications for the LOW BAY FLEX include storage facilities, discounters and supermarkets.

The HIGH BAY GEN 4 SENSOR luminaire significantly reduces operating costs in high-ceiling spaces of up to 12 metres thanks to increased luminaire efficiency and a configurable sensor. Such spaces may include airports, warehouses and logistics halls. The integrated corridor function provides increased light on demand without the need for any additional devices. To simplify system programming, an optional remote control permits further customisation of lighting levels and timings, extending these settings to all other luminaires installed in just one click.

The HIGH BAY COMPACT luminaire has a modern, exclusive design of black aluminium housing and tempered glass cover, permitting operating temperatures of -20°C to 45°C. The high bay compact luminaire gives energy savings of up to 60% compared to conventional high bay luminaires and is a suitable replacement for existing high bay luminaires with mercury vapor or metal halide lamps. Potential applications include warehouses, logistics halls and other industrial spaces with high ceilings like lobbies and shopping malls.

LEDVANCE lighting solutions come in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging with all relevant product information immediately visible on the outside of the box.

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Introducing… The Circular Lighting Report

Recolight has unveiled a news service specialising in sustainable lighting.

The Circular Lighting Report is set to become the lighting industry’s online hub for all sustainability matters. It is an independent news and information resource, edited by the experienced lighting journalist Ray Molony. As well as news, the platform will include explainers on the latest innovations, opinion from thought leaders and video interviews with leading disruptors.

Molony has an unparalleled track record of  journalism in the lighting industry.   With the Circular Lighting Report, he now has a platform on the Recolight website to share news, views and insights in sustainability and lighting.

Announcing the partnership, Ray Molony said: The Circular Lighting Report will be a jargon-free guide to the latest developments in sustainable and circular lighting.

I see it as a place where we can learn about the people, products, projects and processes that are shaping our industrys low carbon future..”

For several years, Recolight has supported and facilitated the adoption of circular economy principles by the lighting industry. In 2022 Recolight has launched several key initiatives to provide information, practical guidance, and services to help companies transition to a circular economy.

Commenting on the news, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said:

“We are delighted that Ray is partnering with Recolight, as we drive forward our shared sustainability agenda.  This development is a natural evolution from our webinar series, and will aid the transition to a low carbon lighting industry.”

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Pace PLUS Backlit Panel Light Unveiled

  • Ansell’s newest release delivers highest efficiency on the market

Delivering a market leading 180lm/w, (lumens per watt)  Pace PLUS is the most efficient backlit LED panel light available on the market.

Newly developed by Ansell Lighting, it is an innovative luminaire designed for educational, commercial and ancillary buildings and offers a choice of 3 power selectable outputs – 11.5W, 13.5W and 17W, all in one luminaire.

UGR<19 compliant, the 600×600 Pace PLUS assists in the elimination of glare, providing visual comfort for building occupants, emitting a cool white, 4000k CCT. Easy to install in shallow ceiling voids, it also features a slimline design and is TPa as standard.

Whilst already market-leading in its efficiency, Pace PLUS is also available with a range of options and accessories designed to harness further energy savings.  Options include OCTO Smart Control and Digital Dimming, whilst the luminaire is also compatible with Panel Pod Sensor Pod which converts it into microwave sensor operation. Pace PLUS can also be used with Panel Pod Emergency Pod which converts it instantly and easily into an emergency light.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “Pace PLUS is the ideal solution for organisations seeking to reduce energy use and cost. As a stand-alone product, it delivers the highest efficiency of any backlit LED panel on the market, something that can be enhanced further with the addition of technical options such as OCTO which give control of operation and use.”

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We were asked to design and manufacture a glass globe pendant light for the reception area of 101 on Cleveland, a boutique residential development in Fitzrovia, London.

The bespoke luminaire had to draw the eye through the space to the concierge desk whilst illuminating the counter below.

  • Cast glass globes with swirling pigment detail
  • Antique bronze plated turned globe collars
  • 2700K LED filament lamps
  • Powder coated mild steel drop rods and tray

The cluster pendant comprises 27 cast glass globes that are arranged in a three-row sequence and housed in a rectangular powder coated steel frame. A specialist glass blower created each glass element using an injection mould process and then carefully inserted a subtle swirl of pigment throughout. The result is a beautiful brush-stroke effect that elevates each globe and brings an artistic touch to the feature.

The geometric design of the luminaire works in harmony with the structured lines and material palette of the interior scheme. The globes and framework echo a duo of glass partition walls and the smoky tone of the pigment references the rich wood of the concierge desk and panelled walls.

Three drop rods attach the luminaire to the ceiling and a lip detail around the edge of the frame conceals the functional components from view. Each glass component is attached to the tray via an antique bronze plated collar and can be easily removed for maintenance.

An LED filament lamp in each globe accentuates the colour and movement of the pigment and emits a soft glow of diffuse light to illuminate the concierge desk below.

Images © James French 

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Check out our latest project, Horlicks Chimney…

About this project

The old Horlicks factory site in Slough, has recently been renovated by Berkeley Homes into modern housing.

The old iconic 46-metre-high chimney remains and is a focal beacon of light for the new community.

Working in collaboration with Light Bureau who created the lighting design, we provided a full turnkey solution to dynamically illuminate the chimney.

The brief was to evenly illuminate the length of the chimney, from a single position at its base.

However, due to the height of the chimney, standard grazing from a linear fixture would not meet the brief.

Our solution involved stacking two rows of our Stripline 69 high output linear products in tandem and utilising two different beam patterns to create the even illumination from top to bottom.

We also created bespoke adjustable arm brackets that allowed the fittings to be tilted to direct the light upwards.

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Ansell Brings Visual Comfort into View

  • Two new products support UGR<19 delivery

Ideal for commercial spaces where visual comfort is key, Ansell Lighting has unveiled two new low-glare additions to its commercial range.

Volo CCT Recessed Modular and Humber Suspended Linear have both been designed to deliver a UGR<19 rating when installed at typical heights and spacings, controlling the risk of glare and visual discomfort being caused to occupants of the building.

Volo CCT Recessed Modular 

Suitable for spaces where both ambient and task lighting is required from one source, Volo is a high performance direct/indirect luminaire that delivers optimum output.

An alternative solution to the classic panel fitting, the architectural LED emits direct light from a central micro-prism diffuser alongside indirect output from the side diffuser sections.

TP(a) as standard, Volo is an ideal fitting for commercial settings such as offices, classrooms and meeting rooms and has been designed to deliver visual comfort and help specifiers achieve UGR<19. It has two CCT selectable settings of 3000K and 4000K. Tunable White and OCTO models are also available, enabling CCT to be set between a wider range of 2700K and 6500K.

Created as a recessed modular light, Volo can also be surface mounted and suspended (a suspension kit is supplied separately). Emergency, self-test emergency, DALI emergency, digital dimming, PIR and OCTO smart control options are also available.

Humber Suspended Linear

The latest addition to Ansell Lighting’s linear range, Humber is a design-led, modern suspension light featuring a slim, black powder coated, aluminium profile.

Ideal for most commercial interior lighting settings, including offices, retail and hospitality spaces, Humber has a black polycarbonate reflector with individual optics helping specifiers to deliver a low UGR<19 rating.

1-10V dimmable as standard, Humber is also available with a digital dimming option for ease of use. Taking this controllability one step further, an OCTO smart control version has also been created, making it a great option for connected lighting installations.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “Whilst not a legal requirement, the focus on visual comfort and low glare lighting in commercial spaces is ever sharpening. A key factor in wellbeing and productivity, lighting plays an important role in public spaces which is why we have focused on creating new products that can help specifiers and installers to deliver a UGR<19 space.

“Whilst different aesthetically, Volo and Humber are both great examples of how the right lighting choices can not only fulfil their purpose but also contribute to a much more comfortable environment.”

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