A Spotlight on Bathroom Lighting for 2022

A Spotlight on Bathroom Lighting for 2022

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the home and recent years have seen investment here increase, as homeowners strive to create a relaxing sanctuary in which to unwind and relax. Lighting plays a key role in achieving this and Marketa Rypacek, Managing Director at Industville Ltd, offers her expert advice on creating the ultimate bathroom retreat.

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Swan Neck Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light Brass Globe Glass £100. Image Credit :@sittonkirsty

Soothing Sanctuaries
The importance of having a lovely home, spending time with family, and appreciating what you have, has become more ingrained into consumer minds in the last few years.   Despite the pandemic slowly coming to an end, this new mindset looks here to stay and is being echoed in homeowner’s bathroom design choices. Recent studies have shown a strong connection between interior design and wellbeing. “Lighting plays a huge part in this, and consumers are more aware than ever before how important it is to have a home that not only looks nice, but also boosts their physical and mental health.”  Marketa advises.

The last two years have seen bathrooms become an increasingly important room in the home, seeing the highest levels of investment after the kitchen. Therefore, bathroom interiors have had to step up too. As Marketa comments, “Whereas previously bathrooms were purely a functional space where a whole family could get ready for work and school, it has now also become a home spa and sanctuary for many, something which is likely to be an enduring trend”.

“Bathrooms are the ultimate chill-out zone for rest and relaxation, so it’s worth taking time with the design to create something that ticks all the boxes. In terms of lighting, there’s a lot to consider from placement to the types required. For example, you will need different lighting for applying make-up and shaving, compared to lighting that enhances a long hot soak in the tub,” advises Marketa.
She continues, “The bathroom is also a room where clutter needs to be kept at bay. Ideally, the room should be as minimal and as organised as possible, to allow for a relaxed mind.  In terms of colour, while it’s true that a neutral colour scheme will enhance a Zen-like state, don’t be afraid to add pattern and pops of colour to add personality.”
Pictured Above Left: Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Pendant Brass pendant holder £80.00. Image Credit: Right: Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light – 7 Inch with Copper Holder £89.00. Image Credit: @pier1bathrooms
Layered Lighting
A well-thought through lighting solution is integral to the space, and it should always have the flexibility to adjust to the task at hand, whether people are getting ready for the day in the morning or winding down and relaxing in the evening. Lighting is one of the most important aspects to think about, as the right light can change the dynamics of a bathroom to create the perfect ambience. “My top tip is to have layers of light on dimmers and separate circuits. This will allow you to switch between bright light needed for daily hygiene tasks and softer levels for a relaxing mood,” suggests Marketa.
Pictured Above: The Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light £90.00. Image Credit: @dovecotebarns /
Marketa continues, “To accomplish a warm, welcoming room that is functional too, you need to embrace all of the three main types of light – which are ambient, task and accent lighting. The best lighting schemes incorporates the whole range of lighting sources available; pendant lights, recessed lights, track lighting, wall sconces, under cabinet lighting, and other spot lighting. I always advise customers to vary the lighting in a room to create little pockets and pools of light.”
Pictured Above Left: Sleek Edison Wall Light – Pewter  £35.00. Image Credit: @christianawilkinsinteriors. Right: Brooklyn Glass Funnel Wall Light – 7 Inch with Pewter Wall Holder £89.00. Image Credit: NK Living. Photography by Chris Snook.
Task lighting is used strategically to ensure there is just the right light where you need it. “This may include overhead spotlights in the bath for reading a book, as well as wall lights either side of the mirror to allow for focused directional light when using the vanity for applying makeup for example,” says Marketa.
Ambient light fills the room with sufficient light to see clearly while moving around. “First look at the natural light coming into the room and how well it fills the space in the daytime. Next, note any areas in need of additional light, as well as considering how much illumination the space will need in the evening, in the absence of natural light. In a bathroom ambient lighting is often required around the bath and in niches and alcoves,” advises Marketa. Last and by no means least, use accent lighting to draw attention to the decorative elements in the bathroom, elevating the look and feel of the space. “This lighting may be used for example to highlight greenery, artwork or architectural details, and will help set the ambience, adding depth and interest,” recommends Marketa.
Pictured Above Right: Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Globe Pendant – Pewter £80.00 Image Credit:@upstyleyourhome
Pictured Above Left: Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Pendant Brass £80.00.Image Credit: @dovecotebarns / Orlando Wire Cage Wall Light Bathroom Pewter £59.00. Image Credit: iansandersontextiles.
Bathroom Lighting Zones
When choosing bathroom lighting your fittings must be safe to use in different bathroom zones. “Ingress Protection or IP ratings are an integral part of the lighting industry. An IP ratings guide provides you with an understanding of all IP ratings for lighting fixtures by outlining each digit with its corresponding definition. The left side indicates the level of protection for solids, whereas the right side projects the degree of water resistance,” Marketa explains.
With so many regulations and ‘do and dont’s’ surrounding bathroom lighting, it can feel like a minefield. However, Industville have made it easy for customers, as all their lights can be used in the bathroom, providing they are installed in the correct zone.
Marketa advises, “Our IP65 rated lights are protected against water projected from a nozzle, making them suitable for use in Zone 1, the wettest area of the bathroom. Those with an IP44 rating are suitable for Zone 2, 0.6m outside the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor, as well as the area around a wash basin, within a 60cm radius of any tap. Outside this area, IP20 rated lights can be used, so don’t limit yourself to just ‘bathroom lights’ for these areas”.
Waterproof (IP65) lighting for use in Zone 1 is now available in more on-trend styles than ever before, so you no longer need to sacrifice style for safety. Marketa says, “We have recently launched many new designs of IP65 rated lights, which co-ordinate perfectly with our lighting for other rooms of the home.  These include both wall lights, pendants and flush mounted lights so there is now much more choice for the bathroom”.
Left: Brooklyn Outdoor & Bathroom Giant Step Pendant 18 Inch Brass shade with Brass pendant holder £189.00. Right: Bulkhead Outdoor & Bathroom Oval Light,6 Inch, Brass, £109.
Above Left:  Sleek Edison Pendant Black £35.00.  Above Right: Swan Neck Outdoor & Bathroom Wall Light Pewter Tube Glass £100.00.
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Six Hundred Apto Spotlights from alphaLED Bring Colour Consistency to Art Lovers’ Paradise. 

Multi-award-winning architectural LED manufacturer alphaLED works with Industrielicht B.V. and the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery to enhance the visitor experience, filling their senses with vibrant colours and shapes within the Dutch art gallery.

Over the last 15 years, the Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery in Ootmarsum, Netherlands, has become a meeting point for contemporary art lovers. Here, Tom Schulten’s work serves as a magnet that draws people in. His latest paintings and silkscreens are on display within a backdrop of elegance. However, Chez-Moi is much more than just a gallery. It has grown into a temple of beauty where visitors find tranquillity and allow the colours and shapes to fill their senses.

Representation of colours and shapes is vital to the overall gallery experience. The gallery’s management team sought an LED lighting solution from a manufacturer with a long history of product longevity and consistency to replace its 600 50 W Halogen dimmable ten-degree spotlights to enhance the artworks on display. 

The exhibits are extremely valuable. The display lighting is designed to accentuate the colour-rich artwork, with multiple spotlights shining on each painting from various angles. Due to this complex arrangement, there must be very little colour difference, if any, between each spotlight. 

Therefore, the new LED lighting had to meet some stringent requirements. Firstly, the chosen product had to provide a natural beam unhindered by zoom lenses or reflectors. The current lumen output had to be matched with a good CRI for consistency across the current colour arrangement. Lastly, the spotlight needed to be compatible with the current 3-phase track system by Hoffmeister. 

Working closely with the gallery and Industrielicht B.V. lighting consultants, alphaLED’s Apto creative range of track mounted spotlights was the chosen solution. Apto is an excellent tool for creating focal points within a space or highlighting displays. 

Like the entire alphaLED range, Apto features Xicato light engines. In this case, the Xicato Inside™ XTM Vibrancy LED module perfectly met the brief. Apto’s white diecast aluminium construction blends seamlessly with the gallery architecture, but where it scores is in its outstanding light quality, boasting attributes of 98 CRI, 1000 lumen output with a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse. The Vibrancy Artist Series generates light that not only matches the colour rendering quality of halogen; it is also less damaging because it radiates less energy in the harmful, blue-violet, and UV spectrum. Even beyond other LEDs. Which ensures no colour change occurs in the artwork throughout the years. The final design brings complete colour consistency across the gallery. 

Gary Lyon, Director, alphaLED, comments, “We use Xicato Inside™ for all our lighting fixtures as we know how important light quality is to our customers. There is no comparison on the market today. They have the only 10-year warranty for lumen and colour, which provides the ultimate confidence in our products.”

Bas van Driel, Technical Lighting Design, Industrielicht B.V., adds, “The combination of alphaLED and Xicato Inside™ is worth gold, especially when it comes to the colour saturation of the artworks, which are often made up of primary colours red, blue, and green. The rich colours are shown to perfection under this top-notch quality track lighting. The gallery management team is delighted with the final result of the project.” 

Furthermore, the Apto spotlight fits easily into the existing Hoffmeister track as specified. 

Ton Schulten, Chez-Moi Ton Schulten Gallery Owner, and Artist, comments, “After sampling the Apto spotlight, in-gallery, against a competitive, similar fixture, the difference in colour quality was instantly visible. It quickly became obvious that the lighting offered by Apto is superior with the light illumination within the appropriate range of the 15° beam angle. There was no colour aura around the outer edge or centre of the light beam. Also, alphaLED and Industrielicht’s impressive customer service and fast product delivery ensured the project was completed on time.”

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Ansell Brings Visual Comfort into View

  • Two new products support UGR<19 delivery

Ideal for commercial spaces where visual comfort is key, Ansell Lighting has unveiled two new low-glare additions to its commercial range.

Volo CCT Recessed Modular and Humber Suspended Linear have both been designed to deliver a UGR<19 rating when installed at typical heights and spacings, controlling the risk of glare and visual discomfort being caused to occupants of the building.

Volo CCT Recessed Modular 

Suitable for spaces where both ambient and task lighting is required from one source, Volo is a high performance direct/indirect luminaire that delivers optimum output.

An alternative solution to the classic panel fitting, the architectural LED emits direct light from a central micro-prism diffuser alongside indirect output from the side diffuser sections.

TP(a) as standard, Volo is an ideal fitting for commercial settings such as offices, classrooms and meeting rooms and has been designed to deliver visual comfort and help specifiers achieve UGR<19. It has two CCT selectable settings of 3000K and 4000K. Tunable White and OCTO models are also available, enabling CCT to be set between a wider range of 2700K and 6500K.

Created as a recessed modular light, Volo can also be surface mounted and suspended (a suspension kit is supplied separately). Emergency, self-test emergency, DALI emergency, digital dimming, PIR and OCTO smart control options are also available.

Humber Suspended Linear

The latest addition to Ansell Lighting’s linear range, Humber is a design-led, modern suspension light featuring a slim, black powder coated, aluminium profile.

Ideal for most commercial interior lighting settings, including offices, retail and hospitality spaces, Humber has a black polycarbonate reflector with individual optics helping specifiers to deliver a low UGR<19 rating.

1-10V dimmable as standard, Humber is also available with a digital dimming option for ease of use. Taking this controllability one step further, an OCTO smart control version has also been created, making it a great option for connected lighting installations.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “Whilst not a legal requirement, the focus on visual comfort and low glare lighting in commercial spaces is ever sharpening. A key factor in wellbeing and productivity, lighting plays an important role in public spaces which is why we have focused on creating new products that can help specifiers and installers to deliver a UGR<19 space.

“Whilst different aesthetically, Volo and Humber are both great examples of how the right lighting choices can not only fulfil their purpose but also contribute to a much more comfortable environment.”

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Yokohama, Giappone – May 2022 – It seems to surface gently from the depths of the ocean to bring its warm and tender light into our living spaces. Between light design and marine biology: Ambientec presents “Cachalot”, the new portable lamp designed by Yoshiki Matsuyama.


Starting from its very name, the piece evokes the fluid and majestic image of a whale. Cachalot is an evocative and symbolic object, avoiding any cartoonish or overly-literal reference to the cetacean figure, while perfectly grasping its essential and familiar form. This portable lamp can be freely placed on a shelf, among books, on an end table, or surrounded by other favorite objects. Like all Ambientec pieces, it invites us to develop a genuine emotional relationship with it.

“As a child, I was enchanted by the whales and cetaceans in picture books and adventure novels. Today as a designer I find the shape of these ocean creatures fascinating: powerful and fluid, yet also warm and gentle. It is this majesty imbued with sweetness that I hoped to convey with Cachalot. Its soft light spreads into the night and makes time seem to slow down – just like how a whale moves through the depths of a silent sea, creating an atmosphere of peace and quiet,” explains designer Yoshiki Matsuyama.

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DW Windsor raises the bar with futureproofed flagship luminaire

British manufacturer upgrades range of functional street lighting solutions, offering increased performance and improved efficiency for greater savings

HODDESDON, UK, 12th May 2022 – Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor has announced significant performance enhancements for its flagship functional luminaire, Kirium Pro. Designed to support Local Authorities as they work to lower energy consumption and cut carbon emissions, the upgrades are set to also offer significant savings to taxpayers.

Featuring DW Windsor’s latest generation LED technology, Kirium Pro has been re-engineered to deliver increased performance of over 51,900lm, and market-leading efficiency, up to 192lm/W, resulting in lower whole-life costs and savings of around £50 per light point over ten years.

Kirium Pro is DW Windsor’s most comprehensive range of LED street lighting luminaires. Available in five distinct sizes with 23 standard Diamond+ optical distributions for ultimate flexibility and precise control, Kirium Pro delivers tailored performance and accurate light levels across various applications, from footpaths and cycleways to residential roads and traffic junctions. In addition, a unified design aesthetic ensures a consistent appearance across lighting schemes.

With increased connectivity options, Kirium Pro also benefits from a choice of NEMA and Zhaga sockets in top and bottom locations, providing greater flexibility and helping to futureproof the ENEC approved luminaire. Furthermore, toolless access via quick-release latches offers simplified installation, while a hinged lid and automatic electrical disconnection provide added safety during maintenance.

Alan Grant, Design & Development Director at DW Windsor, commented: “Kirium Pro is our most forward-thinking, futureproofed luminaire to date. The recent upgrades highlight our commitment to helping Local Authorities reach their net zero targets while delivering savings that will benefit the public purse.”

Initially launched in 2016, Kirium Pro has been installed at scale across the UK and beyond, with luminaires illuminating sections of the M1 motorway and the Square Mile in the City of London.

To find out more or contact the DW Windsor team to discuss a project, visit

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Xicato – Shining a Blue Light on the Renovation of a Historical Chapel in France

The Challenge

The Chapel of the Saint-Louis de Gonzague Franklin school in France has not seen any real renovations since it was built in 1934. The interior design firm Agence Duthilleul et Agence Eurogip was hired to renew and restore the chapel to its former glory with a modern design. The interior design firm worked closely with lighting sculptor Patrick Rimoux to provide architectural lighting to enhance the modern uses of the Chapel today.

The Solution
The design team decided to use Linear LED lighting for ease of installation in the historical building. The interior designer partnered with Soliled to supply the right lighting and lighting control to meet the requirements of the project. Soliled chose Xicato’s Flexible Linear Lighting (XFL) due to the minimal work required to install, variety of light output with controls, beam angle and superior quality of the light.

For the overall lighting of the 1st and 2nd floors, we used XFL in 2700K to provide a warmer light effect,” said Felix Bensadoun, Director at Soliled. “XFL Static White in 6000K was installed around the outline of the Chapel’s cross in the ceiling to brightly illuminate the space from far overhead. A blue cover was placed over the XFL to provide the dynamic color of the approved design.”

The XFL is 95 CRI and offers key attributes such as high R9, Gamut and Fidelity to provide industry leading color saturation that was needed for the many different types of lighting within the Chapel.

The Result
The foundation raised the funds to pay for the renovation and the community is overjoyed with the results.

A primary requirement of the redesign was to adapt to the liturgical needs of the Chapel for younger generations, most often celebrating on the ground floor of the Chapel. The lighting design by Patrick Rimoux was at the heart of the renovation that was completed in late 2021.

The Chapel of the Saint-Louis de Gonzague has a rich history. Nestled in the heart of the school, the Chapel of more than 900 sq meters was built on three floors by the architect Henry Violet in 1934. The grand staircase, designed by Fr. de Vauplane, rector, is like that of the chapel of the pontifical pavilion presented at the colonial exhibition in Paris in 1931. It is at the top of this majestic staircase that the nuncio Roncalli, future Pope John XXIII, came to celebrate Franklin’s fiftieth anniversary in June 1947.

Location: Paris, France
Lighting Sculptor: Patrick Rimoux
Interior Designer: Agence Duthilleul et Agence Eurogip
Lighting Solution: Xicato XFL
Lighting Supplier and Controls System Integrator: Soliled
Photo Credits: Agency Patrick Rimoux

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Urban Control and Nordic Semiconductor Develop World’s First Plug-and-Play IoT LED Streetlight Controller to Make Any City Instantly Smart

Set for initial deployment in April 2022, the Urban Node 324 Cellular is simple to deploy and can scale cost-effectively from one streetlight to millions

London, UK & Oslo, NOR  Urban Control, the leading smart city solutions provider, today announced that working together with Nordic Semiconductor it has developed a plug-and-play IoT LED streetlight luminaire controller that is quick to install and can scale-up to millions of lights.

The Urban Node 324 Cellular city streetlight LED luminaire controllers each include the Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160 multi-mode NB-IoT/LTE-M System-in-Package (SiP) and plug into an industry-standard ‘Zhaga’ LED lighting socket. They then connect over the local cellular IoT network allowing them to be remotely controlled by any smart city Central Management System (CMS) based on the common ‘TALQ’ standard.

By using standard cellular technology Urban Node 324 Cellular works straight out of the box, just like a mobile phone. This makes it cost-effective for small and distributed lighting estates to get the benefits of intelligent central control for the first time. Examples might include streetlights in retail parks, hotel chains, office and warehouse developments, and across rail infrastructure such as stations, car parks and good yards.

Urban Control Urban Node 324 Cellular controllers deliver all the benefits of smart city LED street lighting, including the ability to precisely control brightness and thus energy consumption and costs depending on actual local conditions; the ability to dynamically respond to sudden changes in pedestrian numbers or road traffic; the ability to monitor energy consumption in real-time; and the ability to identify and even pre-empt faults and precisely target maintenance crews – again reducing operating costs and unnecessary maintenance via environmentally-polluting, service-van inspections.

“Unlike traditional smart city lighting installations that require a specialized network to be built, the Urban Node 324 Cellular works straight out-of-the-box just like a smartphone,” said Miguel Lira, Urban Control’s Innovation & Development Director. “This makes it commercially and technologically viable for any size installation because it does not require the operator to build their own wireless IoT network or become a wireless IoT network operator themselves. This brings all of the benefits of smart lighting to small clusters of streetlights all the way up to massive, multi-million node capital city-sized installations. This is truly a game changer in the smart city streetlighting industry.”

“Now that the potential and value of smart city applications has been successfully demonstrated, the time has come to begin developing resources that will allow towns and cities to deploy these technologies at scale quickly and affordably,” said Lorenzo Amicucci, Business Development Manager at Nordic Semiconductor. “Moving away from proprietary solutions towards devices which are ready straight out of the box and leverage cellular networks that are already deployed in every town, city and significant population centre around the world, devices like Urban Node 324 can make anywhere smart more quickly and for less cost.”

The advantages of intelligent, centrally controlled streetlights are well-known. Their light output can be adapted to precisely what is needed, and they can respond dynamically to changes in pedestrian footfall or road traffic. In doing so, they reduce energy costs, carbon emissions and light pollution. They also report when they have a fault, which saves on maintenance costs.

The operational simplicity of each Urban Node 324 comes from them being engineered to work via a lightweight-machine-to-machine (LwM2M) platform called ‘ALASKA’ from award-winning scarce resource IoT device management and security specialist, IoTerop. This leverages the two most common smart city IoT standards: ‘uCIFI’ and ‘TALQ’. It additionally uses state-of-the-art embedded design engineering to minimize on-air bandwidth and get power consumption levels low enough to support battery-powered smart city sensors and devices.

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North West Lighting Manufacturer Publishes Guide to Net Zero

– Whitecroft Lighting Launches free guide to decarbonising buildings

Whitecroft Lighting Ltd, one of the UK’s leading lighting manufacturers, has published ‘Shining a Light on Net Zero’, a guide that assists in the decarbonising of commercial lighting in the face of a rapidly evolving market.

Developed following extensive engagement with its customers, the guide seeks to move beyond luminaire, talking about efficiency by breaking down five key areas that should be considered when seeking to decarbonise commercial lighting, they are: Don’t lose sight of people; make every watt count; know your impact; go circular; and be smarter with data.

The vast majority of commercial lighting decision makers are now including, or even prioritising, net zero carbon by 2050 in their decision making, and are increasingly anxious to hit challenging carbon reduction milestones.

However, Whitecroft has identified that target driven specifying can lead to two-dimensional decision-making, which can then create other unrelated problems, or even miss opportunities to make further upfront or operational carbon and cost reductions.

Tim Bowes, Whitecroft Lighting’s Head of Lighting Application said: “We see that in the rush to hit net zero, there are other important factors and opportunities that are getting missed.

“For example, regardless of carbon, we must create positive, life-enhancing environments for the people that use them, and lighting plays a big factor on that. The wellbeing of people can’t be side-lined.

“How we identify and measure carbon is also changing, with embodied carbon, the CO2 that is emitted during the manufacture, installation and disposal of building materials, now being recognised alongside operational carbon, generated by day-to-day building usage.”

Tim continues: “Once you’ve taken the time to identify and measure all the embodied carbon in a lighting product, then it’s common sense to find ways to lengthen its lifespan using principles of circularity, modularity and replace and reuse, to delay disposal as long as possible.

“There’s definitely an increasing demand for lighting with reduced embodied carbon, so Whitecroft is working to expand its Cradle to Cradle Certified® range of circular designed products.

“Finally, we also regularly see projects where the quality of lighting technology available can now deliver much greater efficiencies than the standards set by government.”

Tim explains: “A good example of this can be seen in reduction standards set by the Department of Education for primary schools, where the specified kWh per-meter squared per-annum can be improved on by around 30% with the best quality LEDs, controls and emergency systems.

“This would save schools significant amounts of carbon and money in the face of rapidly rising energy costs.

“We recognise that there’s a lot to think about, but we’re committed to playing an active role in assisting the market to decarbonise lighting.”

Whitecroft has led the way in sustainability in UK commercial lighting and mechanical and M&E both in terms of lighting design, and the accurate measurement of carbon in its products.

In 2021, Whitecroft secured its first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) on its Flight Vitality range, a third party validation on the whole life embodied and operational carbon in that product range.

Whitecroft has also reimagined the traditional lighting flat panel, and launched the Cascade Flex Vitality using principles of circularity, and in doing so reducing the embodied carbon by more than 40% in a typical office application.

Cascade Flex Vitality was also one of world’s first luminaires to achieve Cradle to Cradle certification, in recognition of the product’s unique centre optic, which can be rejuvenated and futureproofed through replacement.

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Ansell Lighting Launches S15 Catalogue

  • Brand to launch 90 new products in its 30th birthday year

Leading lighting designer and manufacturer Ansell Lighting has launched S15, the company’s latest product catalogue which features smart connected, display, residential and architectural lighting.

The catalogue, which marks the company’s 30th anniversary year, features a bumper 90 new products.

Highlights include the unique registered design of the Adler Emergency LED sign and exit box, a first of its kind innovation with fully rotatable legends for ultimate flexibility.

Other new additions to the product range include the Wolf CCT Wallpack, a modern, robust die-cast aluminium low glare wall pack suitable for commercial and industrial applications.  Wolf’s advanced lens technology offers wide distribution for optimum spacing and uniformity, whilst reducing light pollution with less than 1% upward light distribution, helping users achieve compliance with Dark Skies recommendations.

The complete Ansell Lighting product range, including all the new product ranges, can be viewed on the website, including all the specification variations for the new products, dimensions, LED information and product downloads.

The new catalogue can be downloaded direct from the Ansell Lighting website and wholesalers can order copies via the online ordering platform or via their local ASM.

Ansell Lighting is celebrating its 30th birthday throughout 2022 and has a year of events, launches and fundraising planned to mark the occasion.

Established in Belfast in 1992 before expanding into mainland UK in 2001, Ansell Lighting is a recognised market leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality luminaires for the commercial, domestic, industrial, and architectural markets. Headquartered in Warrington, where it has a state-of-the-art showroom, Ansell operates across Europe, with showrooms in Belfast, Dublin and the recently opened Madrid.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director of Ansell Lighting, said: “We are delighted to unveil S15. It is jam packed with genuine innovations and it’s fantastic to be able to mark our 30th anniversary with the launch of ninety new products for a variety of applications.”

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Lodes to open first Milan showroom – marking a key milestone in brand’s evolution

Italian lighting specialist, Lodes, will open its first Milan showroom in June 2022 to coincide with this year’s Fuorisalone during Milan Design Week. Situated in the heart of Brera, the city’s renowned creative hub and home to some of the best Italian design brands, the new space will be part of a prestigious building on Via della Moscova 33. Visitors to the showroom will find Lodes’ latest lighting collections, including Volum by leading Norwegian architects, Snøhetta, Flar by Patrick Norguet, IVY by Vittorio Massimo, and other pieces such as Easy Peasy and Croma by Luca Nichetto.

Spanning over 200 sqm with three large display windows, the beautifully furnished space is the brand’s first showroom in Milan – and also its first in the world. It is housed inside a historic building that was once a barracks for Napoleon’s cavalry, a military bakery for the Austrian Government, and also the home of the Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria after the Second World War.

Not only does the new space serve as a showroom for architects and interior designers, it also provides individual customers with a relaxing, feel-at-home environment to experience Lodes’ quality designs and meet its team of experts in-person.

Following the success of the company’s major rebrand in 2020, the Milan opening represents a significant milestone in its 70-plus-year history. This key moment marks a new chapter for the Venice-based manufacturer – furthering and consolidating its growth internationally, as well as strengthening and offering its physical experience – that bears witness to the brand’s DNA – to its customers.

Massimiliano Tosetto, Managing Director of Lodes, comments: “We’re very excited to open a new showroom in Milan, right in the heart of Brera – one of the city’s most vibrant districts, and also a great symbol of design.

“It’s a great pleasure for us to join such a strong creative community and celebrate the best of Italian design – alongside other leading brands and industry names. The opening of our Milan showroom will enable Lodes to have a continuous yet firm presence in the city during its annual design week.”

Tosetto adds: “And thanks to the showroom’s original architectural features including high ceilings and large windows, we will also have the opportunity to showcase our collections at their best and express the juxtaposition between our designs and the unique setting of the space.”

After the opening, the new Milan showroom will see Lodes host a series of events and workshops for industry professionals and end-consumers. Meanwhile, the company continues to grow its retail network and e-commerce offering, while expanding its contract markets in Continental Europe, the UK, Scandinavia, North America and Asia.

More details about the opening will be announced in due course, including Lodes’ launch programme during Milan Design Week 2022. For more information about Lodes’ latest products, please visit

Address: Via della Moscova 33, Milan