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MS Lighting Design Celebrates Silhouette Awards Win of Lighting Designer

Leading lighting design consultancy MS Lighting Design is thrilled to announce that one of its Lighting Designers, Tiziana Regalado, has been selected as a winner in this year’s Silhouette Awards. Tiziana was chosen by the renowned judging panel as one of the 20 winning mentees for the awards, showcasing the very best of the industry’s rising stars and future talent.

Now in its third year, the international Silhouette Awards gives winners the opportunity to enhance their skillset, pursue their career ambitions, and add real value to the creativity of the industry, raising the bar for talent around the world. The winners of the 2024 programme were announced in a virtual celebration which took place on Wednesday 28th February, with sponsors and supporters taking part in celebrating the winning mentees and their mentors.

Tiziana has been partnered with mentor Panos Ferentinos for a six-month mentorship journey to help her progress in her career. Panos is a professional lighting designer with 20 years of experience. He has worked on architectural projects across the globe, in sectors including hospitality, retail, museums, heritage and public spaces.

Tiziana has been part of the MS Lighting Design team, working as a Lighting Designer, for around five years. She studied architecture at the University of Greenwich, where she developed her skills in designing spaces that positively impact the end user. After graduating, she began her journey into lighting design and has managed projects from concept to completion, finding particular joy in witnessing her sketches come to life. She is eager to continuously improve her skills and grow professionally to design spaces that radiate happiness.

Founder of MS Lighting Design, Marcus Steffen, says: “We are so proud of Tiziana for being awarded for her unique skills, talent and passion for lighting design. This is such an amazing opportunity for Tiziana to embark on a journey of professional growth, enhancing her current skills and learning new perspectives from Panos. We can’t wait to see where her journey takes her and what the future holds. Congratulations Tiziana, you’re a credit to the MS Lighting Design team.”

The Silhouette Awards is a collaboration between Parrot PR and Marketing and Archifos.

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Lucent Lighting Illuminate Vibrant Design of Tamatanga,

The fourth Tamatanga venue has opened its doors in Leeds as a bold, bright and beautiful bar and restaurant experience. Tamatanga offers authentic, fresh Indian cuisine, with hand ground spices and local ingredients crafted by expert chefs. The food and décor are true to its roots – fresh and flavoursome.

Bursting with colour and joy, Tamatanga is designed with a dazzling blend of colours, textures, patterns, shapes and lights. Interior designers FiFi Interiors have decked out the space with fun booths and bar side seating for exciting and casual dining.

Lighting designers Mistry Lighting created the luminous lighting scheme, specifying dynamic lighting solutions from Lucent Lighting to create this vibrant, appealing space. Colourful lights are suspended over the bar, forming a linear rainbow, while InGround40 floor lights uplight the booth seating and tables are spotlighted from above.

Architectural lighting was used to illuminate the colourful interiors, bringing the rich textures and tones to life. Track lighting TubeLED spotlights the tables and unique artwork, framing the bespoke painted murals in bright illumination. Lucent’s spike mounted VISTA floodlights highlight the lush greenery planted throughout to create the sense of a tropical wonderland.

The result is an eye-catching venue with bold and memorable design features, perfect for social media moments and photography backdrops. The unique and exciting space features original elements whilst still maintaining the core look and feel of the Tamatanga brand, elevating the strong brand voice through a venue like no other.

Project credits:
Lighting Design – Mistry Lighting
Interior Design – FiFi Interiors
Photography – Tom Humphries

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Key Sales Appointment Demonstrates Tridonic’s Commitment to Excellence

Tridonic UK has announced the appointment of a new OEM Sales Manager, who will bolster the company’s commitment to creating seamless collaborations with customers.

Daniela Graef rejoins Tridonic after she spent 17 years with the company from 1995-2012, before moving out into the lighting industry to fulfil key roles with a number of high-profile companies, including Thorlux, Harvard Engineering and Signify.

On returning to Tridonic in her new role, Daniela said: “It’s good to be back at Tridonic, which has always held a special place in my heart. My time away allowed me to experience the lighting industry from various angles so I feel that I am able to add real value to the sales function in the UK.

“The lighting industry is experiencing a huge change and Tridonic is feeling that shift too. We are no longer a component-only supplier, but an enabler of smart lighting solutions, which means our sales techniques and approach to customers must pivot to enable the successful adoption of this approach.”

Tridonic UK Managing Director, Richard Strode, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Daniela back to the fold after 12 years of working out in the field, gaining precious experience with clients, projects and applications. Our strategic vision for customers is to make Tridonic the irresistible choice for them – not just as a supplier of expert kit that can create successful projects, but as a collaborative partner who can add value through excellent support and advice.

“Daniela will spearhead that vision and we are excited to see where her dynamism and expertise can take us.”

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The Lighting Industry Association Announces Hywel Davies as the Keynote Speaker for this Years Annual General Meeting and Lunch Inbox

The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA) is excited to announce that Hywel Davies, independent expert in building safety regulation and building performance change, will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Annual General Meeting and Lunch.

Exclusively for their valued members and their guests, the event presents a unique opportunity for members to gather and engage in discussions about pertinent topics within the lighting industry. Following the discussions there will be a chance to network with fellow industry colleagues.

This year will see the return of business seminars, carefully curated to inform, and educate members about important updates in the world of business. The LIA have also invited the top four students from this year’s Nottingham Trent University talent engagement programme. A project design brief serving as a showcase of innovation, creativity, and dedication. Highlighting exceptional ideas by students with the potential to revolutionise the field of lighting design.

In recent years Hywel’s work has focussed particularly on Building Regulations and the building safety reform, on ventilation and health risks in buildings and on Net Zero buildings. He has been closely involved in the development of the new building safety regime and its practical implementation in the sector.  Hywel has also chaired the expert group review of the Approved Documents which contributed to Dame Judith Hackitt’s independent report, and he contributed to the Morrell Day review of construction products and testing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Hywel led the preparation of the CIBSE guidance on ventilation, as well as contributing to the Royal Academy of Engineering guidance on infection in resilient environments. He is also closely involved in the development of British, European and International standards for digital information management and data exchange, and chairs the BSI committee on these standards.

As a member of the Building Advisory Committee of the Building Safety Regulator, Hywel chaired the Building Regulations Advisory Committee, which was the independent Scientific Advisory Committee to the Department of Levelling Up until the 1st of April 2023. Working closely with the Construction Industry Council and Construction Leadership Council on building safety reform he has only recently retired as CIBSE Chief Technical Officer.

“We are delighted to have Hywel Davies as our keynote speaker at this year’s AGM and Lunch this May. His wealth of knowledge and experience in Building Regulations, the building safety reform, and the built environment will provide invaluable insights to our members and attendees and inspire meaningful discussions on the future of the industry,” said Ayça Donaghy, CEO of the LIA. “We are also excited for NTU students to meet members and get vital feedback from people at the forefront of the sector”.

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Ansell Lighting Extends Low-Glare Comfort Downlight

Extending its popular collection of low-glare downlights, Ansell Lighting has unveiled the latest addition to its aptly named Comfort range.

The first surface mountable luminaire in the collection, the Comfort EVO Surface is an economic high-performance light that delivers extensive glare control for the visual ease of building occupants.

Available in both black and white finishes, the innovative downlight is designed for use in both commercial and healthcare environments. IP44 rated, it is robust and durable, featuring polycarbonate housing and unique thermal management technology for an optimum lifespan.

The Comfort EVO Surface also offers users a range of functional options including a choice of two power outputs and is CCT selectable between 3000K and 4000K. OCTO, dimmable, standard emergency and self-test emergency options are also available. A five-year warranty is offered on all Comfort EVO Surface models.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “The Comfort EVO Surface, is a great addition to our renowned Comfort range. It offers users all of the performance and functionality they’d expect from our Comfort recessed downlights but in a surface mounted form, catering to a more diverse range of applications.”

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Lucent Lighting illuminates new social dining hub in Riyadh

A revolutionary social dining hub in the Middle East has been brought to life with a plethora of LED solutions from leading manufacturer of performance architectural lighting, Lucent Lighting.

The Al Mamlaka is a luxury food hall found in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh. Located in the popular Kingdom Tower, it sits within the shopping mall that is found inside this uber-impressive skyscraper. With around 500 seats, the new venture brings together high-quality food from different global cuisines offered by a staggering 21 vendors. It has replaced the outdated food hall that was no longer fitting for the exquisite nature of the Kingdom Tower.

With food available for almost 24-hours each day, the lighting needed to reflect the time of day for diners. From early morning coffee and breakfast to late night refuelling, diners would be enjoying the culinary options at all times of the day. The lighting also needed to enhance the luxury and refined experience offered by the new dining hub.

Renowned lighting designers Lighting Design International (LDI) were appointed to the project. Their team chose a wide range of solutions from Lucent Lighting’s expert portfolio to deliver their stunning lighting scheme. These were the uplights, spike lights and downlights required across the expanse of the dining hall.

Lucent Lighting’s InGround40 uplights, in a sophisticated Bronze finish, have been used for floor-recessed lighting in the exterior decorative panels and pots. These provide a superior CRI of 90, and a high-level of protection as an IP67 rated luminaire. This is ideal in a busy and bustling space, as well as being exposed to the elements.

The InGround40 has also been used to provide light at the window reveals, and the decorative panels of the dining hall’s numerous columns.

Spike lighting has been provided by Lucent Lighting’s Vista Mini Spot spike lights, and Vista Mini Flood spike lights. These have been used to provide illumination from the dining hall’s planters. The Mini spike delivers a narrow beam angle, while the Flood balances this with a wide 120° beam angle.

Also selected from Lucent’s expert portfolio, are a number of downlights that have been integrated into the lighting design. Pinhole90 recessed downlights c/w LED51/2 modules have been used as exterior downlights at the entry canopy.

Across the dining hall, Lucent Lighting’s Edge90 and Edge60 fixed recessed downlights provide lighting at various points. This includes ceiling recessed downlights at the false ceiling, and the restroom downlights. The Edge60 is also being used as a bulkhead recessed downlight for task area illumination, and in the canopy for plate illumination.

The adjustable variant, the Edge60 Accent, is being used in the canopy as a recessed downlight for counter illumination with the ability to position the light as required.

Completing the specification from Lucent Lighting is the Micro40 Ocolus, a recessed downlight that has been integrated into the joinery to illuminate the shelves. This is also an adjustable solution so the light source can be directed where it is needed the most.

All of the luminaires provided by Lucent Lighting offer a colour temperature of 2700K, delivering a consistently warm glow. To ensure clarity of colour, 90 CRI is the standard across all of the solutions provided by Lucent.

Project credits:
Lighting Design – Lighting Design International (LDI)
Photography – Gavriil Papadiotis

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Tamlite welcomes BCO’s new research agenda for sustainable offices

Tamlite Lighting, one of the UK’s biggest independent lighting manufacturers, has welcomed the British Council for Offices (BCO’s) new research agenda for sustainable offices which highlights the importance of efficient lighting.

The BCO has published its new research agenda in a 58-page working document that sets out a vision for the office as a sustainable part of the built environment. This vision is explored across four themed ‘Pillars’ – Economy, Business, Technology and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – to shape a framework for a new research agenda.

Each pillar topic re-evaluates the notion of offices as capital assets, in light of the broader role of offices as a source of community and sustainable place-making in the UK. The document states: “An integral part of the brief for each research pillar was the need to consider change, not only in terms of the detailed issues being faced today but, critically, to take a longer-term perspective in order to anticipate challenges and turn them into opportunities.”

The research agenda calls for a focus on how to incorporate sustainable features, including efficient lighting, and technologies to reduce energy consumption, lower the carbon footprint, and promote environmental sustainability in the office sector.

Lighting is identified as a key feature in the following technology-themed research topics:

  • Occupant wellness: The development of buildings that prioritise the well-being of occupants, with features such as circadian / intelligent lighting, biophilic design, and air-quality sensors to promote mental and physical health.
  • Smart building systems: The integration of building systems, including lighting, HVAC and security to enable more efficient and coordinated operation, with features such as automated lighting and temperature controls interacting with occupancy sensors and security systems.
  • Integrated building solutions. Designs that incorporate different technologies and systems to create a cohesive and efficient environment, including systems for lighting, HVAC, security, location-based services and real-time occupancy.

Commenting on the BCO’s new research agenda, Richard Wharrad, Group Manager & Head of SSV at Tamlite, says: “The direction of travel for the BCO is clear; sustainability and ESG will frame the BCO’s research focus for years to come, influencing the decision-making processes of its members.

“As a leading lighting manufacturer committed to delivering sustainable lighting solutions, it is heartening to see the BCO recognise the contribution of lighting to sustainable offices. Compared to traditional lights, LEDs last five times longer and use 80% less energy*. Less energy use means reduced carbon emissions, as well as cost savings.

“We look forward to seeing the results of the BCO’s research on office space over the next few years and the additional detail it will bring about how lighting is an effective, low cost, and high performance measure for supporting sustainability.” (*According to the Energy Saving Trust).

The ESG Pillar of the research agenda proposes a series of recommendations including the need for the BCO to create a ‘2030 Vision for the Office’, which embrace the principles of ESG.

This Pillar also calls for a focus on the full life cycle of a development and its impact, including design, planning, operation and asset management.

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ICEL emergency lighting conference is back again for 2024

The Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) is delighted to host, after an incredibly successful event in 2023, the highly anticipated ICEL Emergency Lighting Conference 2024, set to take place on the 12th of September. As the key event for the emergency lighting industry, this gathering will bring together key stakeholders from across the supply chain, providing a platform for industry collaboration and knowledge exchange.

The Emergency Lighting Conference has been carefully curated by ICEL to deliver insights and expertise in emergency lighting. By joining us you will have access to speakers, experts in their respective fields, who will address your questions, what your responsibilities are, any legislative changes, and strategies to drive change in the future. Presentations delivered throughout the day will enhance your knowledge and give you the tools to form a better understanding in the latest advancements.

With networking opportunities to interact and collaborate with industry professionals, emergency lighting manufacturers, and other influential stakeholders so you can forge partnerships, exchange ideas, and explore new business opportunities that will drive success in your endeavours.

Admission to the ICEL Emergency Lighting Conference 2024 is free of charge for all attendees, thanks to the generous sponsorship of emergency lighting manufacturers. However, due to the overwhelming interest and venue constraints, registering does not guarantee immediate attendance. A selection process will be implemented to accommodate as many guests as possible while ensuring a balanced mix of representation across all functions of Emergency Lighting. A separate email will be sent in August to confirm attendance for those who register their interest.

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Ansell Lighting Presented with King’s Award For Enterprise

  • Lord-Lieutenant presents Warrington-based company with UK’s most prestigious innovation business award

The Lord-Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Diane Hawkins visited Warrington-based lighting manufacturer Ansell Lighting to present it with its King’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

Ansell, based on Stonecross Industrial Park in Warrington, was recognised for its patented Panel Pod product in the first King’s Award for Enterprise honours in 2023.

The award was presented to Ansell’s Managing Director, Mark Abbott, at a ceremony at the company’s headquarters, which was also attended by the MP for Leigh, James Grundy, the Mayor of Wigan, Councillor Kevin Anderson, the Deputy Mayor of Warrington, Councillor Carol Benson, and local Warrington Councillors, alongside key members of staff.

The Panel Pod was created in response to an identified industry need, and converts an LED panel light into an emergency light in less than sixty seconds, without needing a conversion kit or additional ceiling fixture to install.  Emergency lighting is required by British law and workplace health and safety guidance, so if the lights go out in the case of fire or other incident it stays on for up to three hours.

Since its launch in 2014 almost 500,000 Panel Pods have been sold worldwide.

The King’s Awards for Enterprise recognises outstanding UK businesses, with recipients being able to use the esteemed King’s Awards Emblem for five years.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director of Ansell Lighting, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Lord-Lieutenant, Deputy Mayor and our local politicians to Ansell. Achieving this award, especially in the first year of the King’s Awards, was testament to the hard work and dedication of our innovation team and everyone involved in the business.

“Ansell is an ambitious and growing business, and the launch of Panel Pod was genuinely transformative for us, and it continues to contribute significantly to our ongoing success. It is fantastic to have been able to celebrate that success with our staff and the business community in the North West.”

Established in Belfast in 1992 before expanding North West England in 2001, Ansell Lighting is a recognised market leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality luminaires for the commercial, domestic, industrial and architectural markets. Headquartered in Warrington, where it has a state-of-the-art showroom, Ansell operates across Europe, with showrooms in Belfast, Dublin and Madrid and employs more than 200 people.








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Tridonic Transforms Adelphi Building With Dynamic Lighting and Energy Savings

The Adelphi Building in London has undergone a comprehensive lighting retrofit, bathing the iconic facades with dynamic colour changing scenes, while ensuring efficient energy savings.

The grade II listed commercial space is in an enviable position in the City of Westminster, London, facing the Thames. The project brief – which was delivered by Lighting design studio Silent Design and leading lighting solutions provider, Tridonic – was to improve the exterior lighting to the front and rear of the iconic building, creating a striking design while showcasing the benefits of wireless lighting.

To deliver the project, the existing lighting needed to be replaced on both the front and rear façades of the building, alongside offering time-controlled events of scenes and sequences. Silent Design created a scheme which gives a subtle and compassionate lighting upgrade to the front façade that would not disturb its close neighbours but still give it providence. To the rear, a colourful and dynamic play of light has been introduced, which is visible from the other side of the Thames River.

Silent Design specified smart lighting solutions from Tridonic, including drivers and controls. As the building is listed, this presented challenges around delivering the required level of control without having to put in new cabling infrastructure. Tridonic’s basicDIM Wireless was therefore identified as the ideal control technology to meet the requirements of the project.

John Bowden from Silent Design, explains: “Due to the planning restrictions, the lighting to the front façade on John Adam Street needed to be kept warm white, at 3000K only. The lighting to the rear of the building, which faces the river Thames, had more flexibility, and it was determined that an all RGBW colour change design would be best suited for this application. Tridonic’s Casambi-enabled technology controls the exterior, spot and linear lighting, enabling dimming of white colour to the front of the building and control of the RGBW lighting to the rear.”

As most of the original exterior lighting had become neglected over the years, it was only about 20 per cent functional and the use of high-powered discharge lamps on the original fittings meant they were costly to maintain. Thanks to the new LED upgrade, maintenance will be kept to a minimum. The use of remote LED drivers and controls means the fittings are also easily maintained without having to go out onto the exterior of the building.

James Huntington, controls and solutions manager for Tridonic, said: “Tridonic’s Casambi-enabled wireless controls allow the end-user to easily set up scenes and animations via the app, along with timed activation based on the time and date of the year. Animations have been programmed in for special days like St Patricks Day and Pride month, providing the building with a renewed sense of relevance and a whole new lease of life.

“This captivating lighting design further promotes the Adelphi as a landmark and notable architecture in the UK’s capital city. This building can be seen from across the other side of the Thames River and has made a positive visual impact on the London skyline”.

John Bowden from Silent Design adds: “Tridonic’s innovative basicDIM Wireless was the perfect control technology that we needed to meet the requirements of this project. This control system not only allowed us the ultimate control to set dynamic lighting scenes, but it is user friendly for the client to set their own animations.

“The system also ensures significant energy savings for the building. The solutions from Tridonic have greatly improved both the appearance and function of the renowned Adelphi Building.”

Project credits:
Client – Savills London
Lighting Design and Commissioning – Silent Design
Drivers and Controls Solutions Provider – Tridonic
Installation – Virtus Contracts